This High
  • Starchie

    … This may represent me at several doorways and almost all stairwells. Being over 6 foot helps.

    • Gabriel

      Being 6'3'', I usually slap my head on doorways. :

  • Why is it the Justin comics are the most relatable? :p

    I'm 5'10, so being able to bop deceptively-high-but-are-actually-low doorways always brings me great satisfaction. Even more so when it doesn't require a jump for it.

  • I don't recall this ever happening to me. *mope*

  • John

    Dude – like EVERY DAY! Even when i'm on my bike. No especially when i'm on my bike, and i cycle under street signs!

  • fonch

    Ok, there's a difference bettwen "oh hey this comic is quirky and silly" and "I think the characters in this comic are functionally retarded"

    • …Pardon? I hope you're not saying that anyone who does something like what this specific comic depicts is "functionally retarded".

      Am I misreading your comment?

      • Jay

        No, Justin, I think he's implying that your comic is on the quirky and silly side. It's clearly a compliment.

  • ThousandSunny

    wow, thats a tiny doorway

  • InVancouver

    I did this in Stanley Park today whilst cycling in a Tunnel!

  • I do not know why, but I have a problem with understanding. Can someone help me…