The Plan
  • Oh my god. The bonus panel.

    • This used to depress me.then, I saw the bonus panel.

  • Gabriel

    Puppy overdose, that's a beautiful death.

  • Bonzai

    Finally, that Primus song makes sense.

  • Oraticus

    Horatio: “What have we got here, Eric?”

    Eric: “Well, H… from the tearing of the neck tissue and the burn marks on the brain stem, it looks like several small explosions originating in the different pleasure centers of the brain. It seems pretty consistent with excessive puppy stimulation.”

    Horatio: “Well Eric, it sounds like our victim had a fatal case of puppy love…”


  • John

    Kids these days… when will they learn that it doesn't matter if you're doing crack, meow meow, bath salts, or puppy – that shit will eventually pop your brain.

  • Curious to know now…. Did Wendell come from the puppy plane?

    • He may very well have! I didn't see him get borned, so yeah, I bet he did =)

  • Jamin

    Hey! Is that where the puppy alarm brings puppies from???

    • Yup! An unlimited number of puppies exist there.

      • Phew, for a second I thought it could lower the value of the puppy plane.

        -waitaminnit! Don't puppys from the puppy alarm disappear in 30 seconds! <:⊙

        • ALWS

          They go back to the puppy plane!

  • Sunblast

    I need to reach the kitten plane, please. O_O

  • Puppy overload. Oh well there's plenty more fish in the sea.
    And girls too
    Love your comics Justin, have put you in my RSS reader. Well not actually you but your comic's RSS Feed…

  • Madame Kagamine

    Am I the only one that finds this comic a bit…

  • katwaterflame

    I walk dogs for a living. I have never had adults ask to pet the dogs. Only children will actively come up and ask…