The Matrix
  • We're going to need hairdryers. Lot of hairdryers.

    • A person

      Hold on… is that really you?

  • Oraticus

    Moral of the story: Bottled water is the catalyst for both the destruction of the environment and humanity! Forget the squiddies… Aquafina has already breached the hull!

  • You'd think in a future like this they would have learned to waterproof their machines

    And I still wonder how anybody can interpret an action scene of Neo stopping bullets, just from a weird random stream of green symbols on screen

    • Oraticus

      Neo didn't stop the bullets, he altered their courses by shifting the air currents around him when he wildly windmilled his arms.

    • John

      One cannot see the bullets in the code – that is impossible.
      Instead, one must learn to see the code in the bullets.

      Or spoon, or whatever. I'm 10. Did I mention this woman has kidnapped me and is feeding me hash brownies? You should probably shop elsewhere for your life-advice.

      • BeepBoopPEWPEW

        You will be successful in life.

        And yes, I do realize your comment is really old and you must have a chinstrap beard by now.

  • Morgan

    Matrix jokes are *always* appropriate.

  • Sir Library Eater

    When he says "AH! My water!" it seems like he's more worried about the loss of his water than the loss of the matrix.
    Wonderful comic, though.

    • He really loves his water.

      • Sir Library Eater

        Being necessary for survival, I can see why.

  • soulistheanswer

    I actually watched all three of them the past days, so this is a weird conclusion for that.

  • tanooki

    The water only destroyed the keyboard the computer still works.