• jamesfarnold

    Oh man. This happens to me all the time. All of the times. Every of the times. Each of the times.

    I do the same thing with words.

  • ALWS


    Also forgot to congratulate your girlfriend on being allowed to practice law! Though it may not quite live up to the legal shows and Ace Attorney games, I imagine it will still be exciting (also, very financially attractive)!

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  • Oraticus

    It’s a good thing you had a backup plan. The risk with “Entertainment. Option. Overload” is that if it’s allowed to continue for too long, your eyes will continue to expand until they become an optical singularity, absorbing all visual stimuli until all light has been absorbed and processed, and the universe is left dark and barren.

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  • Mr. Funpants

    I feel the same way right now 🙂 Just got done with finals!! SUMMER!!!! …well…after all the rain stops anyway

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  • reader

    "Sometimes, you just gotta pick one option and go with it!"
    I swear to God I've seen this phrase before in an earlier Invisible Bread comic…de javu?

  • Matt


    • francoise gro

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  • I<3Invisibread!

    This comic is MAGICAL!! They don't have a project to finish! I always do. 🙁 WELL THEN I'LL JUST DEAL WITH IT.

  • Zera3

    It looks as if the little guy is playing his Xbox! What games do you play Justin? And if you do, can you play with us anytime?

    • I bounce around between a ton of games. I'm mainly PC at the moment and I would totally love to play some games with you all! I had a TF2 match a little while back and I would love to do that again sometime!

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  • Wat

    Anything but find a date.

  • Haha!! so true….I just wish that I could go back to my childhood. But with a little more mature mind! Well, keep up the good work.

  • poonamcbitss7

    This is really true. the blog is nice.
    thank you for sharing with us.

  • Corgis!

    Justin you had all those options and one of them wasn’t even drinking all the monsters. I am both disappointed and proud.