Breaking Point
  • Ironic twist: The meetings were actually LAN parties with the the other leaders of the world.

    • And they played his favorite video games

  • Fernando

    Boy, I wish Brazil had that president! 😀
    Your comic is excellent, please, keep it going!! 😀

  • Toaster Of Vengeance

    Just so you know, your secret panel has a 'you' right beside a 'you'.

    • Haha, whoops! Looks like I got a little sleepy in the middle of that.

      • Sir Library Eater

        i sort of get the feeling that this is exactly what would happen if Justin ever became president. Everything would go fantastically for a little while, then he would quit so he could spend more time with his kids, Xbox and Playstation.

  • Oraticus

    It must be the shirt! Maybe that's where all our politicians are going wrong? They're too busy wearing suits and ties that cut off blood flow to their brains. They all need to get patriotic president T-shirts… made from 100% eagle feather!

    • Sir Library Eater

      It only works if they have a machine gun in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other, while hooked up to a ketchup-and-melted cheese IV needle.

    • Matt`

      If memory serves, the US flag code prohibits wearing the flag. Don't ask how I remember that.

      • Ren

        Maybe that's the real reason he had to resign…

    • The guy had a red shirt on before he changed… red shirts are extremely unlucky. The president shirt is a lot better.

    • BreadCrumbs

      No politicians are just genuinely retarded


  • He looks so happy!! 😀

  • nero

    He didn't even change. They just painted a bit of blue and white on his shirt.

  • Evilweirdo

    I would say “let the political flamewars ensue,” but I think your fanbase is too awesome for that!

  • "shirtgate"..

  • “Self respect, self worth and self love, all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value.”

  • sam

    i want that president shirt

  • Dave_Harmon

    And five years later, we actually have a President who’s a Twitter addict, complete with incomprehensible tweets at 3AM.