• Jasmina

    I just love his facial expressions!

    • Marcello

      Yea, best part of the cartoon!

    • patrick

      Same here! They always make me laugh.

  • Whoo Happy Birthday! Maybe you could organize a G+ Hangout?

    Also I usually go for background music without any singing while doing productive stuff, so I won't be distracted by lyrics or visuals

    • I'm definitely thinking about it! That and big video game hangouts!

  • DoGBoB

    lol, the funny thing is this is sooooo me! d:D

  • My life in a nutshell, also happy birthday!

  • Anthea

    my life too! ^5

  • I launched by blog two years ago last Friday. Coincidence?

    Yes. Totally a coincidence.

  • theANdROId

    Change the movie to articles or videos pertaining to anything video games (especially from the 8 and 16 bit era) and this is me!

  • floatleft01

    Congrats on two years! Here's to the many that will follow 🙂

  • I love you man.

    • Bonzai

      Though you didn't mean it that way, add that to the list of background movies. I love Paul and Jason.

  • Morgan

    It's all about the eyebrows and vacant smile.

  • reader

    Happy b-day! 😀

    About the comic: try Lincoln; you'll stop paying attention to the movie after three minutes 🙂
    Also: I did not enjoy Lincoln 🙁

  • Rnei Night

    I should be doing homework but instead i'm on this site. XD

    • ThousandSunny

      haha, same here!

  • Great comic!!!!

  • Some one

    Me with homework and tv

  • That is totally me! I do the exact same thing!