• mrlescure

    I think he forgot to cut a few corners.

    • You're right!

      *comic changes before your very eyes*

      • mrlescure

        Two comics for the price of one comment!
        Though I was joking about the cars having corners.

      • ALWS

        Now I really want to know what it looked like before.

        Also, I'm glad not to be the only one who draws cars horribly.

        • Backstory first, then the image.

          When I read that comment way up there, it made me realize that I wanted the fake comic in the comic to not be an elaborate joke, but just a really silly one with the focus being the "car". I lost focus of that when I started drawing the original and made look too much like a normal Invisible Bread comic. So then I went back and cut out several more corners.

          Here's the original fake comic:

          • John

            Soo… you put in too much work on your fake comic, so you made another one? 😛
            Hehehe, it does make the comic funnier though. I think i'm gonna update my facebook interests with "curz" now 😛

  • Harlie

    One time someone asked me to draw a plane and it turned out as a pickle with wings.
    I feel your pain, Justin. I feel your pain.

  • No joke! I was recently looking back at some of my comics with cars in them… *shudder*

  • I only kind of hate drawing cars from the outside, it's when I draw them from the inside that my brain flips out. Ther persepective is so weird in there, and it doesn't even make sense where the camera is. Blerg.

  • Looks like a Zamboni! Cheers!

  • haha that's about how well I do at driving cars!

  • weegee93

    i agree: cars are SO hard to draw

  • cars are the only thing i couldn't draw when i was growing up and i will still not attempt it, although i did cut corners too LOL

  • strange! I think I'm the only one here who can draw cars, the only one thing I'm good at lol

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  • Looks like a Zamboni!Driving School Calgary

  • sy kim

    i can draw cars really good