• User99
  • John

    Me: I'm looking forward to a long hard ride this evening 😉
    Boss: You better do Johnson! You're monthly quota is severely lacking! If you don't get a few long rides soon, i'm firing you from DifficultPlaces Taxi Co.

  • Prof. Poopslinger

    lol hidden panel = amazing

    • Guest

      What's a hidden pannel?

      • ALWS

        We're not allowed to help you. You have to find it for yourself. It may have something to do with invisible bread, though.

        • guest

          pls help.

          • ALWS

            I'd recommend clicking near the bottom-right corner of the comic.

    • ALWS

      I don't know why he was saying that to his boss unless he was going to follow it up with "much a good boss."

  • Nichgq

    i wonder what he was expecting from his girlfriend from that text… also where is Bossland, USA?

    • ihaveadumbbutt

      Boston, Duh!

      • ALWS

        Haha, Bosston. Nice one.

        • I Like Penguins

          Bosstown hahahaha

  • Morgan

    If I got that text as a girlfriend, I would raise more than responsibility and money levels 😉


    • Pondercock

      "Responsibility" is probably the best nick name you can give a huge penis.

  • Matt172

    bossland LIKE A BOSS

  • Humphrey

    Why would he say that his boss is pretty?

    • Jason Splendor

      Because his boss is pretty, duh.

  • Madame Kagamine

    Such a lucky guy! 😀