Out Of Nowhere
  • http://twitter.com/Phiresuite @Phiresuite

    Yep, pretty much my life in a nutshell right there.

  • http://honk.car andy

    Dammit this happens to me too. I'll be paying attention to something and lose focus because I remember those exact things!

  • Zera3

    Those smiling faces and that one poker face always makes my day!

  • http://kiwidayn.comicgenesis.com ColdFusion

    how did you get inside my brain

    • http://www.izthedoommovie.deviantart.com G0vnah

      that's what I wanna know

  • Nichgq

    And I thought I was the only one!

  • User99

    This isn't even funny. I spend my life gaming and watching TV purely to drown out my brain endlessly making me relive every miserable moment from my past. At least it isn't just me.

    • John

      Four people LIKE this?! Damn the internet is just a terrible place to go for counseling 😛

  • Evilweirdo

    Boyd, you speak/write/draw the truth. This is a 7-A blaaaaaaargh problem!

  • Ren!

    I'd love to see what your brain diagram would look like…

    T-shirt, anyone?

    • Brian

      yes a flow map or other infographic please!

  • Meghan

    I like how "super important adult work" entails looking at a picture of a puppy.

  • Leonard

    I'm not alone? 😀

  • BreadCrumbs

    My brain doesn't do this my other personalities bring up embarrassing memories during a fight to gain an advantage stupid memories

  • Matt172

    brains can ruin your day thats why I dont have one

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  • fasd47

    I hate when this happens