Back To Work
  • Jacko

    Great bonus panel…

  • Elliott

    This boss is just like my boss!

    • Naria

      he's… a boss?

  • I forgot my work computer password this morning. Had a panel 4 moment as I gathered my things.

    • Braden

      Did you know that if you boot into a different OS (like Linux on a flash drive), then sneak into C:WindowsSystem32, and swap Magnify.exe with cmd.exe, (mv Magnify.exe -> cmd2.exe, mv cmd.exe -> Magnify.exe, mv cmd2.exe -> cmd.exe) that you can boot back into Windows, click the disability button on the bottom left, and open the Magnifier to trick Windows into running a command prompt with automatic admin rights? You can then enter the command " net user [your username] * ", and change your password.

      This is a pretty hilarious security hole in Windows 7, and it works like a charm. So next time you forget your password, have a flash drive with a live linux ready.

      Just don't forget to swap them back afterwards.

  • tonitonitone

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! Right? Right? This happens to everyone in real life too

  • Paul

    Wow… I am currently experiencing this. This just made my day. And made me feel a heck of a lot better.

  • That last panel! XD

  • copisetik

    Last panel punched my nostalgia button hard!

  • Christian Shields

    Wow, I am so sad! I am from Seattle, but I moved to Singapore last month. I would have come to ComiCon just to meet you!

  • Amaster

    What is this vacation?

  • ALWS

    Life was so much easier before your beard escaped, wasn't it, John?

  • theANdROId

    I'm sure I'll be experiencing this next week when I go back to work! :-S

  • Dwayne Eric McLeod

    Hey Justin, I just read every single Invisible Bread within a span of 2 days. I came here from ChannelAte and also read all the DUIF comics. You're awesome! Thanks for putting out these awesome comics. I'll be a regular reader from now on. 😀

    • Awesome dude, thanks for reading all of them! I'll see you around =)

  • Anthony

    The Boss' mouth in the last panel has given me giggle-pants.

  • Johan brain

    i like it

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