• There should be a mini-mini-monitor that just shows the amount of for loops used.

  • Oh my so many amazing tiny jokes… Please make this a wallpaper so that I can have a monitor of post-its inside my monitor O_O

  • "Always be typing something" is good advice. So just followed it.

  • That… was actually kinda scary. O_o

    • Jill

      especially the hidden panel /woah

  • Clearly he didn't follow the "watch out for infinite recursion" post-it

  • Dude

    I'd be more worried about his "while(biscuit" code…

    • dzamie

      It might be
      while(biscuit.getTemperature() > guy.getAcceptableFoodTemp()) {
      which would run a subroutine until the biscuit is cool enough to eat.

      • ALWS

        How about:
        do {
        } while(biscuits.getTemperature() > guy.getAcceptableFoodTemp())

        I think that makes sense. I have a basic understanding of programming and access to Wikipedia. #notaprogrammer

  • Zebyron

    Does the one marked "important" that is used for structural support actually say "don't remove"?
    The most useful ones are the two marking "left" and "right". No more mixing those up!

  • N3RO

    "A corgi is walked outside daily at 11:15 AM"
    "That one guy's name is bill"
    "This is left….Over here is right"
    I love it

  • Bonzai

    "Comment your code"
    Oh the joys of explaining your logic to people. I forget to do that to.

  • Duth Olec

    The best part about the left and right sticky notes is that left and right are in quotes, separating them from the rest as strange and confusing concepts.

  • ALWS

    The yellow Post-it above the green Post-it says "Watch out for infinite recursion." (This Post-it is near the bottom-right corner of the life-sized monitor.)
    Also, I wonder if they gave him a Mandelbrot instead of a Macintosh… MacDelbrot?

  • ALWS

    The one under the bottom monitor in the fourth panel says "It's in the bottom drawer." It's too bad it's covered up by the monitor. I bet he never found whatever was in the bottom drawer.

  • Kintrex

    People have 2 kidneys.

  • James

    "always be typing something" rings very close to the Continue? law of "ABS" aka Always Be Shooting

  • Mythril

    I too need a "Don't buy any more games" post it note so that I can ignore it.

  • Okay, that last panel had me in stitches. Good work.

    • ALWS

      The last panel… or the SECRET panel?

  • cabbagehats

    Oh my god.

  • Matt172

    the code "while (biscuts)" is a very good code

  • Robert

    "important: DON'T [rest of note covered up]"

    Freakin' hilarious.