As The Saying Goes
  • Old School Elliott

    I don't know how I was ever able to function properly for so many years without an icy cold monster…

  • Harrison Aujla

    Man, thank god i bought an energy drink before i turned on my laptop, because i would have wanted one after reading this D:

  • ActualHuman

    So you are preparing for the future keeping the doctor away 2 days at a time?

    • It's all about saving time! Stock up on those no doctor days.

  • ActualHuman

    Wait what if we need the Doctor?

    • If you need a doctor, just ring the bell! And by "ring the bell", I mean consume 10 energy drinks in one hour.

      • The Doctor

        That is an absolutely fantastic idea. Would you mind sharing any?

        • Evilweirdo

          …And ruined by the Gravatar.

  • I've never had an energy drink because I do not want to gain a reliance on them

    • All about will power, which energy drinks help with! That way you can… oh boy. Don't enter that loop.

    • Michiyo

      I drink whenever I need to, but I never really be rely on it. Haven't touched 1 for the last 2 months, but I still have about 20 cans sitting in my room. xD

  • i don't really have energy drinks, so every day, i get mugged by someone with a PhD. Someone please help.

    • Nekro13

      My friend, try cooking Bacon with Monster. That way, the Mugger's with PhD's can no longer touch you. They are afraid of Monster Bacon.

  • comickyle

    I love the drawings of the Monster! Blue is my favorite one. One of my favs on this site is the one where the guy and girl are at the restaurant and the waiter shows them their fine energy drink selection

  • Renese

    The only time I ever had a sip of a Monster, I'd had no sleep in 48 hours. The drink made me compulsively tap my eyebrows, which felt they were about to pop out of my face.

    Still, I can't help feeling I'm missing out on something.

    • Chris

      They are delicious and amazing.

  • Matt

    I had one once and it didnt end well i crashed right in the middle of class woke up at home