• Starche

    That smile. That smile of complete acceptance of your current situation. I know that smile well.

  • F. Starter

    It's never too late to start a fire.

  • Neil

    The last panel is brilliant! 😀

  • Wanda

    I love the "Kitchen and random computer stuff". Somehow it ends up in every box. When my husband I moved from the dorms to our first place together, I found 2 boxes full of empty computer part boxes, dozens of every combination of video cable adapter from lan parties, and little bags of thumbscrews everywhere.

  • Been There

    Oh no! Why is his bed bleeding? Is it sad?

    • Brmbug

      That's what happens when you use your bed as a trampoline.

    • Kscooby

      I think that might be 2 spare red unitard/outfit type clothing items.

  • Matt172

    awsome a camping chair and a flor to put your laptop on!