The Ticket
  • Code Red

    Being cool is a citationable offence? Damn, there must be an APB out on me!!!

  • We did have a campaign where the police would stop drivers to actually reward them for practising good road etiquette!

    And yay I actually understood the logic!

    • Actually getting pulled over would stress me out so much that the reward could almost never offset it.

      Maybe if the cops had a different set of lights they flash when they pull you over for good reasons. Like instead of red and blue, it's all the colors of the rainbow and they also shoot out confetti.

      • That's likely why they stopped that campaign not long after. Probably caused more accidents by sending drivers into a panic 😛

  • Gabe

    He is smiling because he still didn't see the 150$ fee.

  • (not so) fun fact: My friend was pulled over today and given a $200 ticket for going 36mph in a 30mph zone.

  • ryan

    I was pulled over once for rolling through a stop sign. Two officers approached my car and asked me how I was doing that night. I said "I've been good until now." Then one says, "I really like your coat. We aren't going to issue a ticket, just wanted to make sure you were not impaired. Have a good night" I was so confused by the response I dumbly responded "What??", and he says, "Its a nice coat" and walked away.

  • LuckyStar7

    Thank you for being awesome on my birthday. (Which was the 13th, when this comic was posted.)

  • Ryan

    Um, given
    P -> Q
    and ~Q
    ~P does follow.

    given P -> Q
    then ~Q -> ~P (the contrapositive) holds.

    • Haha, whoops, that's embarassing! I knew I should have looked that over a little closer. I'm super rusty with proofs apparently!

      The point I was shooting for is that it's easy to lie about not knowing something. I shall sleep and then fix that up in the merns.

  • Octothorpe

    Only the best police.

  • Forsythia

    In elementary school our DARE police officer was named Officer Bob. He came in occasionally and talked to us about drugs, violence, peer pressure, things like that. What a coincidence.