Mall Time
  • Elena

    Yeah, assassins creed 1 is way worse than any of the newer ones. The story is way better, not just going back and forth between cities. Plus, Altair always seemed to jump into the water! There was no redirect at all! I've played 1, 2, and I'm in the middle of brotherhood.

    • Elena

      Oh crap, huge paragraph comment. I get carried away…

    • Mythril

      Haha, I started on Brotherhood too a few months ago, but then I got distracted by a ton of other games! I'm planning to play through as many games as possibly this Christmas. 😛

    • The water thing was incredibly annoying! And then there was that one mission that takes place on the docks… Why did that do that to us? Why?

      I fell in so many times.

    • Ross

      I'm glad I started with brotherhood- probably would have stopped after 1 otherwise. Now I'm an addict and am halfway through 3!

  • Naturality

    This happened to me once, and to add insult to injury I also had to buy a drink.
    Y'know, 'cause I was all 'These pretzels are making me thirsty'.

    *synthesised slap bass*

  • Which of their pretzels do you like? I usually go for the sour cream ones, but occasionally take the cinnamon variety 😛

  • …aand hello, new gravatar (top right panel)

  • Copisetik

    I used to work in the mall, back in the day, and it seemed like I had a Auntie Anne's pretzel everyday…and I still love them! I would eat one right now. Garlic mmmmmmmmm.

  • Hal

    Never seen a kid tether used to keep the parent in line. What a strong kid!

  • Alex

    Heh. I get it. Two pretzels for the price of two..

  • MasterGlitch

    My mall vice is Pinkberry. But the guiltiest pleasure is Teavana free samples, in that I always regret having to listen to their sales pitch and feel super guilty just leaving them high and dry without commission… but the tea is just too yummy and free not to sample!

  • Random guy

    Turn the pretzel guy into a shirt lol

  • I have never been able to resist mall pretzels. :I

  • Alphonse

    Every time you have a dad in this comic, I realize that that's probably going to be me if/when I have a kid. -_-;; Poor unborn child(ren).

    • ThousandSunny

      omg Alphonse? (Fullmetal Alchemist)

  • Alex

    Lol, your comics always are so funny in a cute way xD But I wanted to ask something.
    My sister has some time since she started a website, and some of her readers ask her to put on market T-shirts with different things from the site. Anyway, she doesn't know how much she'd need to order, so what is the normal number you order for new shirts or so? It'd be really helpful, so thank you in advance 🙂
    (Note that she can't do preorders from where she has moved to right now, that's why she sort of needs a number? I keep saying not more than 50, but I have no idea if that is even close :P)

    • Oh man, that's really hard to answer! So much depends on the readers, the shirt design, the price point and so on. There really isn't a magic equation for determining how many shirts to get unfortunately.

      I would definitely recommend managing a preorder. She can run a preorder using Paypal (it's what I used to do) and then she'll know exactly how many she'll need. Also, most screen printers have a 12 shirt order minimum.

  • Spike

    i played and beat each of the five assassins creed games in about 10 hours each. but revelations wont let me replay it. but they are pretty awesome. also…first comment from me. i bookmarked the site so i can view new pages. funniest stick figure comic yet.

  • craftsandhistory

    anyone noticed when the guy is screamin' "PRETZELS!" at the dot at the ! is a pretzel

    • ThousandSunny


  • shubhdeep


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