• lol XD The bonus panel!

    • Naria_Nexis

      I FOUND IT!! 😀

    • CoolGuy

      Oh no, he has Austin City Limits!

  • Firesuite

    I feel sad, I read ACL as Access Control Lists throughout the comic.
    Had to Google the other definition to get the joke. :/

  • kktkkr

    "getting some new awesome readers like yourselves on the site"
    At first I thought this was about making myself more likeable.

  • ActualHuman

    My brain ACL is in like elevendy-two bazillion pieces!

  • Bonzai

    I once found a sheet of scratch paper for a math test that featured a drawing of a cow with a halo standing in front of a rainbow. The caption read, "Holy Cow. Math is Hard."

  • Dan

    Tried ordering T-shirts twice. Order thing won't accept my address or my CC. Giving up.

  • Unsnappedfoil04

    Lol cats I need to try this