Skee Ball
  • Wonder what he redeemed for those tickets?

    And at first glance I thought that bucket was filled with giant earthworms o.0

    • Evilweirdo

      Of course- They make a delicious and nutritious alternative to tickets, and save trees. Pretty clever, no?

    • ALWS

      OHHH, they aren't giant earthworms. OK, I get it now. I was completely confused about the worms until I read your comment.

    • Evan

      and i thought the snakes in the recent LHT were earthworms… they're everywhere!

    • Brynn

      I thought the same thing….

    • Are you implying they aren't earthworms?

  • Guesty guest

    My favorite comics are the ones when you put super awesome details into little things like the tickets. Or like that one comic where the restaurant offers energy drinks to the super sleepy guy on a date


    • You rock! I love putting in those extra details, so I'm super glad you liked it!

    • Marcello

      Yea me too. I love their eyebrows haha

  • Man that Smith Jonesman is sure a poor loser!

  • Coff. E. Lurver

    I'd love a coffee mug, but international shipping is a bit pricey 🙁

    • Tell me about it! I wish there was a cheaper way to get them over there.


      *begins to build really huge catapult*

      • PenelopePepperPants

        *adds lots and lots of bubble wrapping to the coffee mug parcel*

        Same reason why I didn't go for one, sorry 🙁 Just as much to ship as to buy.

  • SouthOfHeaven97

    Just letting you know Im going to use the 'edible tension' joke sometime soon irl.

  • Dallin

    Poor Smith Jonesman…

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    He is without a doubt the gursiest man ever. Openly admitting the best day of your life was winning a skee ball competition takes a lot more courage than anyone will ever know.

  • Bob

    Did this air on ESPN 8 "The Ocho"?

    • Cara


  • Durvin

    Man, arcades would be so great if they gave out spaghetti instead of tickets! The prize counters were usually just junk they bought from the dented section of the Dollar Tree, but spaghetti is delicious!

    • Evilweirdo

      I mean… I second that motion.

  • Mineblock5000

    The bonus panel! LOL!