• nightfeather

    Yes! Dishwashers are fantastic. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • philwatcher

    Absolutely! Love my dishwasher, the magical-make-stuff-clean machine!

  • I once lived in a flat with a dishwasher that we thought didn't work, but 6 months in we figured out that we'd just been putting the wrong type of powder in it. The joy of anticipating not having to do the dishes anymore combined with the pain of realising that we'd been needlessly doing the dishes for 6 months was one of the most bittersweet moments of my life.

  • breathe-deep126

    I have never had a dishwasher =[ I used one when I was at someone else's house and it was like heaven!!

  • Zera

    Dish washers are indeed amazing! BUT! It sometimes doesn't clean the dishes very well and it runs for an HOUR! BESIDES THAT! It's great!

  • Sarah

    Hey! Get out of my house!

    …or at least run the dishwasher while you're there…

  • ActualHuman

    Well at least each plate has only one tiny dot of food matter on it.

  • Duth Olec

    We have a dishwasher but my parents never use it.
    Also, is this guy related to this guy because this reminds me of it.

  • skye

    We have a dishwasher in perfectly fine condition (at least I think it is, even though we've never tried running it) and my parents just use it as storage space for plastic utensils and paper plates. I have never known the joy of a dishwasher ๐Ÿ™

  • Guy

    I started using paper plates, paper bowls, plastic cups and plastic forks/spoons around January. Except for one large salad bowl, I don’t have to wash dishes! Oh! And if it isn’t frozen and going into a microwave (or just use boiling water) I don’t cook it!

    I get the cooked beef and chicken strips for fajitas and drop extra into a “Lean Cuisine” (which are now 30% bigger!) and add shredded cheese and even SOMETIMES will buy RAW potatoes (instead of Steamer veggie bags) and slice ‘em for faster micro cooking… AND I AM FREE OF ALL HASSLES! BWAHAHAHA!!!

  • Ren

    i have a dishwasher, and I've still managed to spread my week of dish duty over a nearly-monthlong period.

  • reader

    Livin' the American dream: Justin Boyd
    now that there's a book title ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mary Lou

    My dishwasher is one of my ministering angels, sent to me in the last days : )

  • hikaru

    Sadly we will never experience the joy of a dishwasher. The last few times we tried them they just left alot of paint (i don't know how so don't ask) and soap residue. Even to this day we was dishes all by hand.

  • Muse

    I just began experiencing the joy that is a dishwasher this past February… I CANNOT GO BACK!!!!

  • Oh my gosh, nothing kills me more than not having a dishwasher! I can never understand people who own a dishwasher and don't use it – they are the greatest time savers!