Hang Gliding
  • Elliott

    Ah this reminds me of the song Given to Fly by Pearl Jam….

  • Ausdoerrt

    A comic about Putin? Hmmm

    • http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/sep/6/ha

      Didn't know this was a thing that happened!

      • Pseudonym_

        IT actually happened a few times. They even made a movie called "Fly Away With Me". Im 87% sure that is the title

        • Pseudonym_

          Also, I petition that you add the programmer comics to the regular comic reel, and only continue with those for a while! And then make them once in a while, but still in the reel!

        • Sinclaire

          "Fly Away Home" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fly_Away_Home close though. I remember watching it in elementary school in science class.

  • A guy

    Mbm's orange basement.

  • MMM

    Can't you run a tf2 server on ec2?

    • I totally forgot about ec2! Thanks! Looks like I have the perfect place to put that server.

  • I Like Cupcakes.

    If you find a server, can you post a announcement on Facebook or something? Huge TF2 player and I would love to play with you! Also, an Invisible Bread Steam Group might be awesome… =D

    • Sarah

      I second this! All of this!

    • Tyler

      I think there is one, its just a bit inactive…

      • Yeah, I had a TF2 thing a while back, then I stopped playing because I wanted to focus more on comic things. But it's all about moderation, so I wanna play some TF2 again! And plus, I wanna give Mann vs Machine a shot.

  • Jake

    This comic… It's adorable and actually really beautiful. Love it.

  • mrmakeit

    I might be able to spin up a server. Do you still need it?

    • Someone above reminded me of Amazon's EC2 service and I think that's the route I'll be taking. Thanks for the offer though!

  • ActualHuman

    I wish so much my computer could TF2 now.

  • darkangel

    awesome 🙂

  • Chris

    I can host a TF2 server for free, I'll just put it on a VPS, I'm support at a hoster, so I can take a server. (Aslong as the nodes aren't over-filled and highly needed, it can stay up, if it is threatened to be removed for reasons, I'll pay for it monthly.) If you want to contact me about it please mail me at c-boelens2[AT]hotmail[DOT]com. Or just comment , of course. Although I probably won't check alot here. (I visit the site daily but nearly never go to the comment section.)

  • καtrmr

    Fine. Now I feel as if I've got some filthy politics in the comics section of my daily read.

  • John

    Every comic on invisible bread has this face in it:


  • Fasd47

    I wish this would happen to me, because why not?

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  • Totally hilarious!!!