A Beach
  • cod

    Heh, never trust the sun! It's all like "hey, you'll like this, it's really nice" and then it's like "BAAAAAAM! Haha, sucker!". Damn you Sun!

  • Elliott

    The Sun just got caught up with how awesome the dude looked without a shirt on. He couldn't help but to shine extra bright in such a situation. After all, it's not everyday someone looks at him directly and gives him a thumb up.

  • anon

    Love the animation.

  • Try being me, I skip sunburn entirely and go straight to peeling

  • Mythril

    Who has time to go out for sun when there are games to be played!

  • Parker

    My tan stat is always very low when it starts to spill over into the sunburn stat.

  • Nekro13

    But Justin, Dead Space 3 comes out in just a few months! Wait… Considering it's on an Icy planet (Judging by the cover art so far that was at EB last visit) it might be even to scary for me (Me + Ice = Paranoid as all hell. Damn Necromorphs)

  • Pinky

    Awwww I love his round eyebrow-bedecked head, I want to kiss it. I bet it would be like kissing a big pillowy marshmallow


    Only the Facebook Page???? Why don't you care about your G+ Reader???
    Now i'm grumpy because i'm not on facebook anymore and every cool comic artist (yeah you are a pretty cool guy even if dead space creeps you out the shit of your little pants) cares about facebook AND about G+ :O


    lol'd very hard i like this animation ^^

  • That's a sweet animation. I think the dude should be colored pink when he gets the sunburn, though.

  • loopadoopzoop

    You know, the first time I used aloe vera on a sunburn, I was AMAZED. It cleared up completely overnight!