A Funeral
  • Florian

    Did you mean mourn? 😉

    • Haha, yes, I … yes, lemme change that =) I guess I'm not really not a "morn"ing person. Let's all take naps.

      • hikaru

        Yay naps 😀 too bad i never took them as a child, even in preschool ._. Now i wish i could.

  • SuZume~

    Your comics have forced me to try Monster for the first time yesterday. But it tastes like all the other sweet Taurin-based energy drinks to me. I guess I'm not yet ready to taste all the fine nuances. Why do you prefer Monster over the others, Justin?

    • Oh boy, ahem. Ahem ahem =)

      So what I like about Monster over the others that I've tried is that it doesn't have that tartness/bitterness thing going on. Red Bull is good, but has a little … tang to it that I don't like all the time. Rockstar is dry and bitter to me for some reason, so I actually have a hard time drinking those. Some of their other flavors are pretty good, but the classic flavor doesn't do it for me.

      Monster is pretty much all sweetness to me and I like it. Heck, I was a heavy Mountain Dew drinker in my high school years (and one semester of college) and I think those two drinks are very similar.

      These days, I actually drink the Lo-Carb Monster when I need a Monsterin' Still pretty good to me and a little less unhealthy for a human body!

      • Evan

        same here… except… the exact opposite.
        hate the sweetness of Monster and love the dry tang of Rockstar. my favorite is the Peach tea Rockstar

        were there any noticeable differences in the expired Mac & cheese? flavor? texture? budding civilizations?

        • Tasted exactly the same and was just as tasty as usual. Then, problems. Oh boy, there were stomach probs.

          • SouthOfHeaven

            Drinking energy drinks is like eating plain sugar, I cant understand how you do it.

      • Flakes

        I drink a lot of AMP Energy during the school year, but only the yellow flavor ("lightning"). If you're into Mountain Dew you'll probably like Amp – both are manufactured by Pepsico.
        I'll have to give Monster a try, especially since they sponsor eSports (video games).

        • Cody

          I agree, if you like Mountain Dew, go for Amp. My personal favorite is the blue one. It always reminds me of Very Berry koolaid, one of my favorite drinks as a small child.

          • Cody

            That was supposed to be in reply to an earlier comment D:

  • Al Bino

    Kraft and most other boxed pastas actually only have a "Best before:" date on them. This means the pasta is still safe to eat and thus hasn't "expired", it won't be as tasty however.

    Foods with a shelf life of less than two years must have a 'best before' date. It may still be safe to eat those foods after the 'best before' date, but they may have lost quality and some nutritional value. Foods that should not be consumed after a certain date for health and safety reasons, such as a ready-to-eat chilled lasagne, must have a 'use-by' date. An exception is bread, which can be labelled with a 'baked on' or 'baked for' date if its shelf life is less than seven days.

    • I definitely consider all foods past the "best before" date to be expired. It's a safer world to live in this way =)

      • Laugeo

        I feel the same way.

    • Dave_Harmon

      Pasta usually has a “best before” date, but it really can go stale. Stale pasta… well, at least you’ll know before you eat it. (When it cooks up bloated and white.)

  • COCOViper

    You scared the crap out of me. I thought somehow Kraft Macaroni and Cheese the product DIED in Sept 2011 and I had somehow just not noticed.


  • loopadoopzoop