• I'm signing for my first one next month! I feel exactly this way :O
    Hopefully its the only time I'll have to do that this decade haha

  • warwolf

    The 3 words at the end of the secret panel i have never ever seen on a lease

    • A. X.

      I've lived in several different apartment complexes that allow pets, but usually charge an additional pet fee.

    • Grr Arrgh

      I've seen them!

      …there's just always a 'not' between them.

    • Angry face >:(


      • Henry

        I know!!
        how do you get to the secret panels
        edit: found it

  • Dan

    Going to casually say banana every time I sign from now on… just in case.

    • TopazMarauder

      *cough* *cough* *elbow* banana

  • Inspectigater

    Definitely felt that way when we bought our house.
    "Who are you people, and why are you letting me do this!? Can't you tell I'm not old enough to do this yet?"
    Life is funny like that. ­čśŤ

    We read all the paperwork for buying the house. To be honest it wasn't that bad. It's a lot, but only took about 3 hours. I'd highly recommend doing it before making the biggest purchase of your entire life.

    • Kirbyman!

      Ahh! I hit downvote!!!

  • ActualHuman

    *Looks up* "Banana".

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    There's that one awkward moment when you get called on your bluff. This is that moment. Unfortunately, the bluff was actually had a poor outcome this time.

  • Sakubo

    p-p-p poker face !

  • "This lease is testing your adulthood! And you must pass!"

    My brain immediately went: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
    Not sure Gandalf was all caps, but… Yup.
    *slinks off to nerd cave*

    • Vincent

      Welcomes VolNer to nerd cave. It's not a bad place to be. And you already know the passphrase to enter.

    • Ponty Mython

      Except if you, of cource, answer the 3 qouestions right.

      • Kirbyman!

        Blue. No, green, no AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Becks

    Anything I have to sign terrifies me because I realize they think I'm actually a real adult, and I don't even think that! Also, your comic is wonderful! I've never commented before but I just thought you should know. I've been following your comic (and Left Handed Toons) for a while now, you are very talented. I always enjoy your work! Thankyou!!

    • Much appreciated, thank you =)

      • Angry face >:(

        Please help with the hidden friggen panels!

        • Try hovering your mouse above the "newest" navigation link for each comic =)

  • Sothe52

    Whoa, I'm not the only one who thinks the word banana is awesome!

  • Frank

    My wife, a lawyer, went through the contract and initialed the sections which we agreed to. It's amazing how often the person on the other side of the table doesn't understand how that works and lets you get away with it.

  • ALWS

    Always read page twelve.

  • Person Named Person

    This is why you read the contracts (see bonus panel)

  • warmie

    good to know there are others

  • Mineblock5000