Workout Tips
  • Bad Collar Bones

    I actually did hurt my shoulders doing the second one 🙁 I can no longer work out my upper body because of that.

    • I hurt my shIT!

      Oh, fourth panel.

  • Parker

    I really hate that one. It gets me every time

  • Ian Feagins

    Oh, come now. It's not called a "workout" because it's easy.

  • If you look closely, the gym is really an incubation area for "Final Destination"-style fatal accidents to occur

  • Aloo Aloo Aloo

    It adds to the comic that the guy in the second one is actually using it wrong!

    Pull the bar to your chest, never behind your head

    • SouthOfHeaven

      This is another way to use it, it works on different muscles.
      Dont comment if you dont know;)

      • Aloo Aloo Aloo

        Really? Because the machine at my gym specifically says DON'T PULL IT BEHIND YOUR HEAD YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF!

        • Aloo Aloo Aloo

          Don't comment if you don't know 😉

          • SouthOfHeaven

            A random website! Everthing in it must be true!

            P.S: It MAY cause problems, for the most of us(atleast where I work out) it is ok to use. Maybe in your gym people are more sensetive.

  • Flumo

    Not normally one to comment on here, but the last panel is just pure gold. The stern seriousness on his little round face is just unbelievably hilarious to me. However I do wonder what muscles one would be improving with such a machine.

    • I hear it's good for the back, arms and those muscles deep in the face that are really hard to target with the other machines.

  • meklu

    Oh man, the first one is absolutely horrendous. I'm not doing the last one nor have I ever – OW MY FACE!

  • guest

    They said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but they failed to mention that what makes you stronger could kill you.
    They have deceived you.
    If "they" wasn't an abstract concept, I would suggest a lawsuit or vengeance.
    Perhaps a vengeful lawsuit on the makers of that exercise machine?

  • That last panel would make an excellent T-shirt or motivational poster for a gym.

  • Kristopher T. Haven

    And if you cover the spike with the optional attachment and turn around and bend over…

    … it will go… into you. ;P

  • SouthOfHeaven

    I have no problems with the first two actually.

  • javis

    If you take a close look, the gym is really an incubation place for "Final Destination"-style critical injuries to happen

  • sgasg


  • johan booth

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  • You are right Alexandra you have do combination of exercises like rowing machine, treadmill and elliptical with inversion with some pull up too. Doing these exercises can be beneficial to loos weight. Thanks

  • I have no issues with the first two actually.

  • coolkid

    that's why there's dead bodies at the gym! (read bonus panel)

  • If you look closely, the gym is really an incubation area for "Final Destination"-style fatal accidents to occur

  • Loli

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  • lola
  • Raj
  • David
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  • Sheri

    Hahaa so me at the gym today. These are very cool.