The Best Alarm

    • PavFeira

      All of my bits!

  • I'm seriously wanting one of those now! 😀

    • They should have these for fire alarms. the puppy appears in a safe area outside of your house.

  • Oh man, only 30 seconds? What if that puppy's under a pile of laundry? Gotta find him before time runs out!

    Thanks for the cool mention, Justin! It's great sharing an Internet apartment with such nice cartoonists. Go Team Comics!

  • Meh, my cat alarm is pretty effective already. When the alarm goes off, four hungry cats appear in your room. If you don't get up, four hungry cats continue to make alarming noises at an ever increasing volume.

  • Wait do I get to keep the puppy every day? Does it generate new puppies? I need to know!!!

  • I think this alarm clock's a pretty effective one too:

    • Aww! It's so cuuuute! 😀

  • Squiisies

    Do the puppies blink in and out of existence? Where are they when they're not appearing in bedrooms? I need to be informed of any ethical issues so that I'm not supporting the mass slaughter of puppies D:

    • HunterJE

      I think the puppy is assembled, atom by atom, in the instant the alarm goes off, and then dismantled similarly when it's done. You'd think that would be equivalent to killing a puppy every day, but in fact it gets reassembled almost identically the next day, the only differences being that nutrients have been added to its circulatory system, metabolic waste products removed, and all aging damage removed (so no need to feed and no depuppifying). Philosophically speaking the puppy carries on, unless you're a dualist. And dualists deserve to have the deaths of countless puppies on their conscience anyways.

  • Alphonse

    *waves fistful of money* I'll take 10!!!! O_O Take my money. TAKE IT!

  • JoAnn

    My puppy already appears every day, under the blankets and refuses to get up for work too. This doesn't work out very well for an alarm clock…

  • Server Pals ASSEMBLE!

    Except let's draw comics instead of fighting crime because it's safer and I shy away from confrontation!

    [Cut to: Action sequence of really intense drawing]

  • Duth Olec

    That wouldn't work for me, buuuut if there was perhaps a pizza alarm…

  • Sunblast

    Kitten alarms! I need three! No, seven! Many!

  • sleepdraw

    This would actually get me out of bed in a second.

  • I dunno about a puppy alarm, but the kitten alarm would certainly do the trick for me!

  • hut

    I was just dog sitting for someone, and would've given anything to hit the snooze on the puppy alarm.

  • rachina

    That puppy… is the cutest puppy I have EVER seen.

    • CarlyBean

      Pembroke Welsh Corgi ^-^

  • Kate

    More effective: if you don't get out and pet it, the puppy will burrow in your remaining clean laundry and pee.

    • craftsandhistory

      More Effective (For Justin): The puppy opens the file cabinet, takes out your best sketches, and pees on them.

  • Humphrey


  • ClioCat

    You should really patent this alarm.

  • That One Bill

    I was actually sent here via a link on Channelate, and I am glad I was.

  • Okaasan

    What kind of life does this guy live that he’s waking up at 12:34?