• Harith

    D'aw, lookit those beady eyes. :3

  • Bubbles

    suddenly many things make sense. all the half finished jokes, the mysterious references, and of course the title of the comic. also yes, it is to soon 😛

  • Alphonse

    At first I thought the guy was invisible in the first panel… then I realized we were watching him through the window… almost stalker-like.

  • Haha that hidden panel! Wonderful.

  • …but outside is so mainstream, and you don't get any admin powers :/

    Also, isn't it amazing what a few extra white pixels can do to bring in more life to a character? 🙂

  • Chris Kopcow

    You'd think living with a squirrel would be great, and at first it is. But let me tell you, the place slowly becomes littered with nuts and acorns, and soon she runs off with that guy from the bar she SWORE she was just friends with. I HATE YOU FLUFFY!!! I HATE YOU!

  • Commedia 2X00

    The weirdest thing about outside is that sometimes there are these trees that have food on growing on them. It's weird food, too, it doesn't have any cheese or caffeine at all.

    So I might just be falling for some schmuck bait, but what's all this talk about hidden panels I see in these comments? Am I that daft with computer-machines?

    • Not at all! I'll help you out on this one =)

      There's a piece of invisible bread on the site that only appears when you mouse over it. Click it and voila, extra panel =) The invisible bread is pretty close to every comic.

    • Dan

      Hover your mouse just to the left of the bread bag clip on the right. Find the invisible bread and click it.

      • Pinao

        Now you're just taking the fun out of it.

      • ashyarmyguy

        NOOOO!!! Now I have to reread it all, and in one sitting, because I will not be able to stop until I reach the end.

  • danny

    if it wasn't raining CATS and DOGS here in my city I would.

    see what I did there? but seriously. this rain has been going on for two straight days and it's coming down hard.

  • Drew

    Ooooh, I get it, the alarm clock is paranoid.

  • Charlie

    The world could use more squirrels!

    • Will

      You should come to England, we got tons of them – like a fluffy paradise, its NUTS!

  • Bubbles

    I an sure that you all will be horrified to know, that today, I shot, cleaned. cooked and ate a squirrel. and yes, the rumors ate true, they do taste like chicken.

    • ActualHuman

      Of course i'm horrified! Why would you cook the squirrel first? Come to think of it, why did you wait until it was dead to eat it?

  • Kreigon

    Talking to squirrels is pretty nuts.

  • Other Justin, there are a lot of squirrels around my home, because we live out in the country. If I ever get the chance, I want to snag a picture of one for you!

  • Guest

    Guess what exists now, it's this squirrel video.

  • bronwynsnyder

    a love of squirrels seems to be oddly common among many of my favourite webcomic artists… i think it has something to do with not living in canada where there are way too many, and where the little jerks destroy your grass by coating it with prickly pinecone leftovers and mess with your roofs and eaves-troughs…. even if they ARE cute. of course, chipmunks are even CUTER but even bigger a-holes…

  • craftsandhistory

    Look at the orange-shirt-guy in the last panel.
    The eyes are different