Lifting and Stuff
  • Tom

    pounds are a unit of force so 180 pounds is the same on jupiter and earth(the object that weighs that much would have a different mass). Kilograms are a unit of mass so 200 Kg would be heavier on jupiter.

    • Caspianroach

      Pounds can also be a unit of mass. Going by the context it is obvious that pound-mass is implied, not the pound-force.

      • Yxanr

        I have never seen pounds be used as a unit of mass. Please give me an example.

    • Arscheene

      Actually, the mass remains the same independent of gravity. 200kg on Earth is the same as 200kg on Jupiter. However, you correctly noted that pounds is a unit of force, so, since F=ma and m is your constant mass of 200kg between Jupiter and Earth, but a (acceleration due to gravity) is higher on Jupiter, so you have a greater force (pounds) on Jupiter.

      • Ian Feagins

        Dude, you just got all sorts of Physical. Pun intended.

      • Yxanr

        What you say is true, but so is what he said. Heavier =/= more massive. 180 pounds has the same weight with different mass, 200kg has the same mass with different weight. Which is exactly what both of you said, so my clarification is quite redundant…

    • GUEST

      …And they said they were talking about kilograms. The blue guy specified "on Earth" because he wanted to confess that he wasn't an astronaut. So it doesn't matter at all whether pounds are a unit of force, just that kilograms are a unit of mass.

  • asdasd

    Who knew that weight-lifting would be such an effective way to stealthily teach jocks about physics and maths?

  • Oraticus

    Ha ha… male bonding.

  • theANdROId

    I've seen this happen in the weight room at the school where I work…plus an extra (undrawn) panel of the kids trying to prove it and hurting themselves. :-/

    • asdasd

      Right, so that get stealth-taught about biology, too (specifically about herniated discs).

  • Super

    The triumphant face of the guy on the right in the extra panel is beautiful.

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    This is why we should all simply accept that it really doesn't matter how much you can lift, since it probably won't ever actually help you anywhere in life. I mean really. What would an accountant need to bench 250 kg for?

  • Jasmina

    OMG! I just read all your comics, got to the end too fast 🙁

    • I promise to keep making new ones =)

      • ActualHuman


        • I'm currently building a Justin robot that will do comics once I can't do comics anymore. So far, all it does is draw comics about squirrels and drinking Monsters, so it's pretty much done =)

      • Jasmina

        That makes me happy!

  • SouthOfHeaven

    Do you really bench-press 90 KG? Thats alot.

  • guest

    first chat 😀

  • I just read all your comics