• mike


  • Chris Kopcow

    That hidden panel. So sweet.

  • I can totally see the resemblance. Thanks, now every strip of yours will remind me of balls. Bowling balls.

  • You didn't color the last panel! How could you?! You monster! D:

    Anyway, awesome idea! 😀

    • yogman1

      if you mean the bonus panel then he never colors them…

  • Dan

    That's Sir Bowling Ball to you.

  • I let out a verbal "aww" at the secret panel. and I'm all alone.

    I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I said that while alone, or creepy.

  • alex

    This had the makings of a typical everyday comic at first… then it became awesome

  • Amaster

    My experiences with bowling have always left me with a hand so sore that I couldn't hold anything heavier than the ball I was using. Although, that might be because I am a weakling and I've bowled twice in my entire life.

  • That bowling ball can play bowling so well on a console, and without thumbs. I am put to shame…

  • blue

    And here I thought Tom's bowling method (from Parks & Rec) was fail-proof…

  • I just found out about the hidden panel. Now I have to read all the comics again! Curse you! Cuuuuuuuuurse youuuuuuuu!

  • Alex

    OMG The last secret panel was sooo sweet… aww! I keep staring at him!

  • bronwynsnyder

    i wish this shirt still existeeeeeddd *cries a fair amount at loss of opportunity*

    • Just between you and me (for the moment), I actually made more of them for a convention and will be restocking them in the store really, really soon =)

  • IceBucks1234

    :3 so cuteeeee