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  • ActualHuman

    Now his experiment on sleeping on various surfaces has been interupted! The data will be flawed!

  • Danny

    My favorite part of your comics are the optical illusion dots that appear between the frames. Oh, and the comics themselves. They're always really good too!

    • minecrafter

      never noticed the dots before

  • Thanks for the link dude!

    • Dylan

      Dan Long? DAN LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can talk to both DAN LONG and JUSTIN BOYD at the SAME TIME????!!!!!!! (mind explodes)

  • asdasd

    I convinced myself on several separate occasions that the best place to do my course reading was in bed. You can imagine how that turned out.

  • I'm so tired that when i read "wake up! wake up!" i actually felt like i was IN the comic as the green-shirt guy feeling drowsy from being woken up. your comics are almost livable!

  • Ren

    Where was blue shirt when I needed him? My degree could've taken only four years instead of seven.

  • Dan

    Does everybody carry regulation sized poster board in their backpack for just such an occasion?

    • Left over from the presentation he gave earlier, of course!

  • Christen

    Sims reference!

  • Andrew

    I know this all to well. My chair in my bedroom makes me very sleepy, which is not useful for my uni exams next month.

  • Oraticus

    I have yet to find a surface I can't fall asleep on while trying to study.

    • Even the Chair of Spikes?!

      • Dylan

        Alternate Ending: the spikes are made of pillows, and the actual chair is made of a cloud which is somehow solid, yet maintains its softness

  • My Tuesdays and Thursdays generally have two moments of happy realization…
    The first, which I mentioned in the last comic, is realizing there's a new Invisible Bread. The second is later realizing I forgot to read the bonus panel.

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