• Starchie

    I do love how there is a dedicated "explode" button. Plus this is why I always cancel my microwaving with 1 second to go. Just in case…

    • Oh God, two things I always do
      Stopping the microwave with one second to go, and toaster oven pizza
      I'm not alone anymore ;_;

    • ActualHuman

      It's actually a "don't explode" button with the top cut off. It's the only way to save yourself when using the kitchen timer.

  • The button with just a Circle on it will declare war to a randomly selected country – then provide them with nukes for extra profit.

  • At first I thought that in the first comic, he skipped both the microwave and toaster oven and ate it cold. Which would definitely taste like impatience.

    • Cold pizza is awesome. Better than warm pizza, IMO.

      The scale of pizza delicious goes Hot > Cold > Warm.

      • I can't eat cold pizza. Just thinking about eating cold pizza actually kinda makes me queasy for some reason.

    • theANdROId

      That's what I thought too…I guess that's not the case?

  • Every time I realize it's Tuesday/Thursday, I get excited, because I realize that means there's a new Invisible Bread comic 😀

    • =) I'll keep 'em coming!

    • theANdROId

      My wife and I both do this!

  • Microwaves are my favourite.

  • Oraticus

    Y’know, Justin, you seem to have an intense fascination with microwaves and their ability to turn the common, culinary-inept person into a still somewhat culinary-inept, but functional short-order cook. I’m guessing your formative college years hung precariously on the ability to sustain yourself with accelerated radiation heating appliances.

    • Very insightful =) I did microwave many a hot pocket in my college years. Even microwaved several after college, but not nearly as many. These days, the microwave is only for leftovers and not for frozen meals, so that's good!

      I cooked a tiny tiny bit in college though. And by "cooked", I mean "browned meat for spaghetti". These days, I cook almost as infrequently as college (thank you Cara for the foods!), but I do want to get better. One day!

  • Icalasari

    You could have saved two of the comics for two separate days and pretended that you drew them each day for Microwave Week-And-A-Half

    …Glad you're not evil enough to do that though 😀

  • Nonny

    To the guy that is watching his pasta in comic three:
    "Do you know what else is intense? … … …Camping!"

  • JMW

    "watching this pasta for the next eight minutes just got a lot more intense" CALL JACK BAUER

  • zglmfr

    i have perfected the skill of opening the microwave before it beeps but having the microwave still say "your food is done" instead of "CLOSE THE DOOR!"

  • Juiceboxhero

    i just like how you can mircowave things and they come out lava hot on the outside and hard as the frozen tundras of russia on the inside.

    • Simba Aya

      I shat myself laughing at that. Seriously. I have this issue with Japanese every. freaking. time.

  • sdfsadf


  • The microwave barbecue, while a long ways from the customary, gives you a quick and solid different option for fricasseeing on the stove top. As opposed to permitting the sustenance, especially meat, to marinate in oil, the microwave barbecue offers a raised surface that permits oil and fat to deplete away.

  • Mineblock5000

    [watching pasta for the next eight minutes intensifies]