Messy Room
  • Chris Kopcow

    It's just like what I always say: If someone you know judges you by the cleanliness of your room (within reason), then they aren't worth knowing.

  • SunnyDuckling

    Awww…. I like this !

  • yakapoe

    Put a ring on that finger!

    • asdasd

      Gimme a sec. The ring's under one of these piles of clothes.

  • The first time my wife (at the time, just a friend I was madly in love with) came over to my apartment, I freaked out about my mess and even enlisted my roommates help to clean it up. Turns out, she was 3x more messy than me. 🙂

  • Ah haha! I cleaned my room for the first month or so I dated my boyfriend, but afterwards I just didn't bother and he didn't even seem to notice. His room is messier than mine actually…

  • fatdog12300

    Just throwin this out there, but the girl totally looks like Weird Al.
    The comic was funny though, so no harm no foul.

    • Haha, now I see the Weird Al in her =)

      • Hahaha, me too.

      • That would also explains why she gives good excuses out.

  • Lucy

    I read Invisible Bread when I need a good opinion of humanity. X3

  • I'll just pretend the bonus panel don't exist. Much happier this way.

  • That's perfect

  • Very good

  • Madame Kagamine

    I’d be like: Dude.