In Class
  • Finally, a wild G+ button appears!

  • Neil.

    Sounds like he needs some Monster drinks!

    • The bare minimum would be four.

  • Dan

    This is when you bring a super soaker filled with soapy water to school the next day and hit him before class. Or perhaps a bottle of febreeze.

    • eagle78

      lol would that be like the "febreezing the homeless" plan by Daniel tosh?

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    This situation is similar to one I was in, which I shall now reenact.

    Me: Hey buddy, you're in my seat.
    Guy: ZZZzzzzzzz
    Me: *pushes out of chair*
    Guy: Hey! What did ya do that for?!
    Me: *sits down*
    Teacher: To the principal at once!

    Awkward situations are awkward.

  • Elena

    Hahaha ohh Justin, you never fail to make me laugh. (really)

  • Jack

    Hahaha nice. BO and laziness is never good in a class partner.

  • I would probably pull out a gun the next day, point it to his head when he's in the bathroom, and ask,"Any OTHER additional things?"
    XD this is awesome.

  • dgg

  • Madame Kagamine

    Panel 8 is the best part.