At The Mall
  • He actually materialised an item from his thoughts in to the real world… HE'S THE ONE

  • Chris Kopcow

    hey….THAT WAS MY HAT!

    • Now it is MY hat .. BUAHAHAHAHA! *strokes diamond-studded hat evilly*

      • Endo

        It was his hat, Mr. Krabs! He was number one!

  • Oraticus

    Soooo… when will this be available on your store, Justin?

    • Hal

      Probably unlikely to be restocked after red shirt stole it. I mean, Justin's last name isn't DeBeers. But knowing the demand is there is all that really matters!

      Soooo… when will this be available in your store?

  • Greg

    I need to have that hat ASAP

  • Dan

    HINT: If you have to tell yourself you're evil, you're not evil.

  • The Shaq Who Isn't


    Maybe that's where I left my brony ray!

  • Real Guy

    Even though I saw it coming… it was great – because it was even goofier to see it really show up!

  • Icalasari

    What, doesn't EVERYBODY have one of those?

    • ActualHuman

      Well i don't anymore. I seem to have misplaced it. I think I ast had it at the mall…..

  • Idleisaac

    That ad is placed in a very annoying spot…

  • :trollline:

  • Athena

    xD this may be my favorite…

  • Peter

    I don't get it. I'm pretty sure there weren't any sequels to The Matrix… Yup, I checked, no sequels. Too bad though, it was really good.