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  • oh my god! That is my life!

  • paegus

    4: replace light bulbs

    and that's mine.

  • Naturality

    I felt "restarts the computer on for me" was a particularly nice touch. 😛

    • Naturality

      Ah, misquote! Misquote!

  • Giraffe Fan

    My parents always have easy computer problems to fix. My computer's been broken for 2 days and I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong.

    • coolcalx

      how are you on this website? o_O

      • Okami

        It's Imagination Magic…….

  • My mother once disowned me because I was impatient with her. I had to remind her that logging on to Facebook requires both your e-mail address and a password. She has taken computer classes before.

  • Elliott

    Yay! Handshake Consultant t-shirts are coming!

  • I'm curious, does your mother actually have a Facebook account yet? Mine set up hers(with quite a bit of help from me) and she hardly ever uses it. Maybe your mom might use hers for a while, and then say something like "Facebook isn't really that interesting actually, I'm better off talking with my friends over the phone or emailing them photos! Or even just meeting face to face!"

    • She's still in the "thinking about it" stage, but I think she enjoys her privacy too much to ever make the leap.

      • theANdROId

        "Son, I'd like to have one of those Facebooks now. It would be a good way to see what you're doing…keep in touch with you on the Facebook and the email and the tweety-bird."


        • Quasidefault

          My Grandmother calls it 'The Facepage.'

  • When my dad has computer questions they're always things like, "I got an e-mail telling me to download this program I've never heard of. Should I do it? It says I need it." or "There's a bar at the top of this web page that says I have over 9,000 viruses!!! Should I click 'Okay' to get rid of them like it says?!"

    • At least your dad asks..mine just clicks ok. Usually he'll call and say my icons are too big (He has 3 icons on his desktop. My computer, Internet Explorer and the recycle bin). Or I can't see everything on the screen at one time, I have to scroll to the side. lmao I love it! Or, "why am I seeing it on my newsfeed? I put it on my profile page." Do I NEED Java..I could go on and on!

  • theANdROId

    Do mothers share these lists perhaps? "My son just left again, so you can use my list when yours comes next week."
    I used to get this one, or told to call so-and-so and find out how to fix the problem! Now that she has "*the Facebook", "so-and-so" and I get occasional messages there! 🙂

    (*I must admit, my mother doesn't actually call it that…though I know so many adults that do!)

    • My mom definitely used to call it "the Youtube"

  • Wow, that was my mom's list for me, too. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  • Darkstorm

    So true, so true. My mom had me update her iPad when I came home for Christmas break, even though basically all you have to do it hook it up and click 'okay'.

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  • Oraticus

    I think that, subconsciously, our parents noticed the rapid advancement of technology in their era, and a primal instinct kicked in… the same primal instinct that urged people to have children to work on the farm or fight off wild animals and rival clans. We were conceived to ensure their ability to persevere in this current age because they were beyond the point of adaptability. That’s right… you’re just a peripheral designed to let them continue interacting with the world.

  • Kitsune

    Hmmm…seems to happen a lot. My friend's mom accidentally deleted her internet shortcut and frantically called him to make sure she hadn't (and I'm quoting) "Deleted the Internet." He calmly advised her not to touch the machine until he got there. 🙂

  • 8LayerDip

    Gaaa the extra panel just happened at home. And I don't even have a facebook…

  • Anesu

    No one wishes to be old, until the chance is taken away

  • Leap

    My girlfriend started a huge fight with me because I tried explaining windows update was perfectly normal. over and over.

    and over.


  • Mineblock5000

    Number 1 happened to me before.