• I'm sold! Where do I send the cash?

    • Just put it in this magic investment envelope!

      *presents you with my wallet*

      • ActualHuman

        Ponzi scheme? well as long as someone invests after me.

      • Ah, by the time I read your reply. I had already got all my money out the bank and posted it in an envelope marked "To that guy on the internet". Hope it reaches you soon!

  • Michael

    Why this is really happening? I mean, in 3d world

    • Kintrex

      Weren't you paying attention? Because people need more bucks in their wallets.

  • Oraticus

    Where do you shop for your magic investment boxes? I think I need to pick one up too…

    • you need to go to the magic investment store located in magic town which is located in basement of one stop magic shop. lol

  • Ren

    Aaaand the Occupy calls should start pouring in.
    *We want shirts!*

  • Sunblast

    Holy jeez, I NEED to be one of those pictures with the arrow pointing to me! How much do you need? All of it? TAKE IT!

  • alphatroll

    I dunno, I'm not sure I can get behind a money-making scheme without a "…" step in the middle.

  • unused box guy

    I'm making a magic investment box RIGHT NOW! 😀

  • I would love to purchase a franchise. How much would it cost for an enterprising individual like myself to have a local Magic Box of my very own?

    • This money-in-my-pocket venture is still in the early stages, so franchising isn't available yet. You can however give me a bunch of money now and I PROMISE you that you'll be first on the list for your very own franchised magic investment box!

  • I think your arrows may be fibbing.

    • BreadCrumbs

      No they shower him with money he returns 3 bills. Duh.

      currency not people.

  • I think they already invented this machine. It's called a slot machine. Gotta head to the casino now! lol