Hey Man!
  • Dave


    Damn, I always thought I pulled that off.

  • He should have brought with him a flowchart to help him deal with this kind of situations 😛

  • Let's all make a deal that we'll just start calling attention to awkwardness from now on. Sure, at first, it will just make it worse, but in the age of the Internet it will soon become a Thing, and then: instant friendz!

  • Otasyn

    That definitely happens to me. I even hate it when I'm walking past someone, and instead of saying "Hey!", they say, "Hey man! What's up?" or "How's it going?". It's even worse if they're also walking by. I never know what to do.

    Should I answer and then ask them the same? Try getting in all those words while you or they are walking by.

    Should I just say "Hey!"? That doesn't make sense. It's like saying, "I'm doing hey".

    Even worse, all this runs through my head every time, and by the time I try to respond, they're long gone, and I look like a rude idiot.

    • Kintrex

      Oh man, definitely. Definitely, man. Definitely. Man.

      Whenever that happens to me all I can do with my slow reaction time is look up from the floor I was staring at to meet their eyes in boggled confusion as I slowly recognize their face.

    • GUEST

      Hmm… how about "Hey, man, I'm good. See you around." ending with a wave?

  • Dan

    I've had this incident with a friend from high school at least twice. I might be repressing the third encounter it was so awkward. The first encounter was probably 8 years since we'd last seen each other. I didn't run fast enough that time and he managed to give me his e-mail address. Never e-mailed him. Made each subsequent encounter even worse. I know I specifically saw him from a distance and avoided him once.

    If you're reading this, sorry Jim.

    • Jim

      It's ok Dan. I felt pretty much the same way.

  • SuZume

    Becomes worse if you sit next to such a person in the bus and have to hold the conversation for 30 minutes. Bonus points if you asked what his name was.

    Source: last semester

    On another note: Justin, I personally think that your webcomic is becoming better and better. Most webcomics start to stagnate after some time, but Invisible Bread keeps its level of awesomeness as on the first day. In my opinion Invisible Bread has become better than ChannelAte (which originally directed me here) AND Buffersafe (one of my long-term favourites). Keep up the good work! I'm here since the 3rd comic and intend to stay.

    • Oof, that's a super awkward one.

      Also, thank you so much for the compliments! Both those comics you mentioned are in my favorites list as well =)

  • JuiceBoxHero

    uhhg.. i know the feeling of these two D: you know their faces but not their names, and neither of them have the courage to ask for names >.< and you feel so awkard that you wanna throw up the retard inside you.

  • cool comic man…

    • Booger

      Cool comment, man.

      • Man, remember that comment that one time man?

        Man! Such good times man!

        • theANdROId

          Yeah! That was that one guy right? On that website? And he said the thing about…maaaaaan…I couldn't believe it!

        • The Shaq Who Isn't

          Sir… I am rewarding you with +50 internetz. Do with them as you will.

          • theANdROId

            Thanks. I'll keep them to save me when my lame jokes are just too lame, such as the one above I guess…at -1 right now. :-S Maybe I shoulda just quoted the line from Ocean's Eleven:
            "I owe ya for the thing with the guy in the place, and I'll never forget it!"

        • yeah man. that was a great comment man

          man have a good day man! 😀

  • GR8

    i'd go for the option "alright". Being in an English speaking country where everyone asks how you are after saying hi, most easy option just is "yeah, alright". If you want to be polite, you put a questionmark behind it, if you want to inform them you are good, you just put a full stop behind it. Key thing is, to smile kindly and dont.stop.moving.

    • "Key thing is, to smile kindly and dont.stop.moving."

      That's the trick right there. You can never let on that you might stop moving because they might start slowing down and then you start slowing down and now look at you two, you're standing there trying to figure out what to talk about.

  • rebecca

    hi im board and have nothing to do and these comics are pretty cool!:)

  • jandsm5321

    Well, I've run into a problem here, when I try to go to the next comic it only leads to a string of links to other comics that abruptly ends. I think there is a broken link in the "next" button maybe?

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