My Twitter Problems
  • Damn it, and here I thought my near constant stream of pizza anecdotes was so original.

  • "I need to somehow fit this weird hashtag into my tweet so others can spot it and retweet… crap it's going to go off the Trending Topics list! NOOOOO"

  • Chris Kopcow

    89% of Tweets are in some way about pizza.

  • Michelle L.

    +1 button please? 🙂

  • "You wouldn't believe what I read on the twitter today, honey!"

  • I knew I was forgetting something! Lemme add that to my to-do list.

  • yakapoe

    Face Off is an enjoyable film. It's all about a face off where they take each other's faces off to have an awesome face off to take their face's off again.

    • Best synopsis of that movie ever right there. And without any spoilers!

  • this comic lead me to google your name.

    the results: photos of a gay porn star named justin boyd…


    • I wish I could have warned you about that one. Sorry, your-eyes, you may have seen some interesting things.

  • Your Twitter problems are just like my Twitter problems. Except for the part about followers. I don't have any of those. ;_;

  • Dave_Harmon

    For future reader’s reference, Disqus has an up-arrow instead (and a down-arrow too).