Broken Bulb
  • Aita

    Yeah, I have almost no tough-guy points… I have this thing about pain where I don’t like it. I’m pretty sure it came from many childhood hijinks that involved tricking the “manly men” into doing stupid things to prove that they are, indeed, manly, and then laughing with everyone else when they were in pain saying how awesome they were.

  • rocket3989

    you should make the "invisible bread" available on rss feeds

    • deains
      • I think he means the secret bread.

        Oh wait, it's supposed to be a secret. Ummm… I mean, I think he means *invisible* bread *wink wink*

    • jandsm5321

      Wait… invisible bread??? Is that on all of them? Dang! Now I have to go read them all from the start again! 🙂

  • Chris Kopcow

    Tough guy points are like tickets at a Rainforest Cafe arcade. For a few you can get relatively lame prizes like hammers and store-brand whiskey, but for the good things like women and respect, you need way too many…more time than i am willing to spend in an arcade

  • I didn't read the title before I read the first panel. I was worried.

    • yeah.. i thought this was guna be a sex related comic too… the next frame made me a little confused though, but im adventurous…

  • ActualHuman

    The chainsaw is free, and comes with a free truck if you juggle it with two other flaming chainsaws.

  • Ren

    That last point explains why I can never get any help in Home Depot.


    I spent all my tough guy points, so I'm going on safari.

  • asdasd

    Does redeeming all your points in one go turn you back into a wimp?

    • Depends on what you get with the points.

      You also get a little trophy whenever you use the points. That way, you can show off how many points you once had!

  • Meghan

    +3 Strength, -5 Intelligence?

    • Ian Feagins

      I think it's more like +5 Respect, -5 Common sense.

  • CAV

    Tanx for the comic dude.

  • Giraffe Fan

    I use pliers for the extra points. Using tools always counts more even if you miss out on the 'grabbing a sharp glass object with your hand' part! 😀

  • Wait a minute… the only way to accurately check the accumulation of man points is to have a digital accessory attached to the man… does that mean all males have some device implanted in them?!?

    • I meant "tough guy points", but you get my *point*

  • Icalasari

    What about kidney stones?

    Those worth any?

    • It depends on the size of the stone, but yes, those things are worth a ton of tough guy points.

  • Bob

    LOL Tough Guy Points really ARE redeemable!! XD

    Heheheheh I'd have none.

  • Humphrey


  • Mineblock5000

    A wild BROKEN LIGHTBULB appeared!
    The wild BROKEN LIGHTBULB fainted!
    BLUE leveled up!
    You have received 13000 TGP!