• Coffee

    Bottle that and sell it!

  • Billo

    I'm told this is similar to the bovine origins of the Pamplona bull run (see bonus panel)

    • I'm still a bit new here…Bonus panel?

      • Just a little bit below the comic and in the right corner of that white area, there may be a special thing to click =)

        • Melissa

          Really?! I really read every single comic before I was able to find the bonus panel? Is this real life?

  • I need this kind of super productive people in my life. Problem is they'll probably charge me too or ask for some return favour…

  • How does this happen, and how can I have it happen to my roommate?!

  • Chris Kopcow

    and it was the greatest day of all the days

  • Mewse

    I find these days usually only occur when i'm somewhere with no internet access :/

  • Ren

    I needed this this week. Or for my hubby to have it.

  • Oraticus

    It may just be me and the fact that the inside walls of their apartment are the same color as the ceiling in the hallway, but when looking at panels #6 and #8, get the distinct feeling that their apartment is actually nothing more than some shoddy walls thrown up on the top of the roof of their apartment building, and that light bluish color is the sky…

    If that is the case, I recommend all the grey-shirted freeloaders should take care not to lean too hard against that wall.

  • alice

    My last final is due in a few hours and it's 6 literary criticisms… May we all have productivity streaks like this.

  • Spinney Adamant

    Needs some coffee… just give him some coffee and continue producing.

  • Giraffe Fan

    I wonder what productivity is for a giraffe. "Late night productivity has struck! I'm going to eat this whole forest before morning! Bring me all your leafy plants!"


    Why is the bonus panel button in a slightly different place now? o.O

    • GUEST

      Oh, now it's back. Good. I was about to implode with curiosity.

      • Giraffe Fan

        No question about the bread-bag tie thing? That's new too, but I guess it wasn't too startling.

  • why does this always happen when i actually need sleep