• Aita

    I fucking hate profs like this. This is one of the great many reasons school is fucking useless to me, along with an aptitude for teaching myself and associative learning.

    • Kintrex

      Downvote me if you must, but I have to agree that paying to attend the class means we should be allowed to choose whether to listen or not. Just last semester I had a professor whose lectures were truly worthless. Attendance was mandatory, so I just sat in the back and read the textbook. I would up with an A.

  • Mewse

    It really is the lecturer that makes the module. I had a really good one who somehow made Theory of Computing interesting but then he handed over to the other lecturer and it became an ejector seat subject :/

    Ps: Hooray for transparent dough based foodstuffs, keep up the good work 😀

    • Theory of computing… Where the heck did I put that book? There it is!

      Did your class use this book? I've been meaning to re-read it. When I was in college, my teacher was omgSOBORING and I ended up struggling with the class a little bit. Now, I just wanna Atm is up and 3sat and jeez, that's all I can remember right now.

      • Mewse

        Heh yeah thats one of them, that and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Automata-Computability-De

        I wont be surprised if i struggle with the exam, i find myself just turning off when she talks about completeness and complexities. The first guy managed to keep everyone's attention (even if we didnt have a clue what he was talking about). I think it was just his commitment to teaching others, you could see his :/ face if the majority of the class didnt understand something.

  • Oraticus

    I can only imagine that, should the viewing angle have panned upwards, we would see a large bull's-eye painted on the ceiling, and, should that same viewing angle then rapidly pan out the door, down the hall, and into the teacher's break room, we'd find a clip board on the wall with the current highest scores for student darts.

    • Soon, the university will have no more students and only a list of students that became high scores.

      • Oraticus

        I have high hopes for the scoring potential of student-in-orange-shirt. The fact that he does not conform with the rest of his gray-clad, Orwellian peers may indicate he's willing to go the extra distance (pun intended?)

        • ActualHuman

          No. He is actually not raising his hand to rub his head so he can concentrate his highly developed mental capabilities to teleport away.

          • ActualHuman

            sorry he IS raising his hand to…

      • Ren

        Don't become a statistic, students.

  • Hoo HA

    I'm pretty sure that's the same guy from http://invisiblebread.com/2011/09/collective-noun

  • Giraffe Fan

    Quite an array of emotions in that "reactions shot" panel. 😀

  • I think it may have been the swearing that put people off with the first comment and not really your view on college. Your comment here is a well thought out statement about why you feel the way you do. The first comment had a little bit more rage in there, which probably assisted with the downvotes.

    • Aita

      ^I have trouble believing that people in this day and age are offended by swearing and rage. I don't deny that you could be right, but it's things like this that separate me from anyone else: I would see both statements together, as it were.

      I have trouble relating to other people for a vast number of reasons…

      • Ren

        I think that's the thing about independent webcomics that get a cult following… the followers are not necessarily the norm. They probably have common ways of looking at the world that may be slightly askew to "normal".

        My guess for the downvotes is that many Invisible Breaders (if they followed Justin here from LHT, like me) have a love-hate-love relationship with college. We love the idea of possibly making more money because of a piece of paper ( hope I left enough room in that phrase for the cynics), we hate boring professors and long papers (like you), but we love finals beards.

  • Oraticus

    I think this officially qualifies as a dissertation over a comment.

    I can see where you’re coming from (and trust me, I was in the same boat as you with college), but I believe colleges aren’t there so much for the “learning” as much as they are there to prove to employers that you are willing and capable of learning said subject. It’s sort of a “stamp of approval”. They don’t care if your learning is done by them or by yourself (and I bet they often prefer the latter).

    I won’t argue that this isn’t a system that is flawed in some ways, and the egregious cost for this stamp is outrageous, but that’s what a majority of the professional world wants. They want some sort of security so they aren’t throwing away their money testing out 100 candidates for a handful of functional people. The people with the money want you (the one without the money) to prove that you’re worth their time.

    I went through college to get an English degree (utterly useless unless you want to be a teacher, it seems), and now I just finished round #2 to get a DBA degree. Since this last onerous session was all online, I understand the whole “self taught” paradigm.

    • Aita

      I fully agree, I'm more arguing that how they are is a terrible thing that I refuse to participate in, rather than their ideal (which I like).

      The issue with me is, in fact, that there's no need for it. Said stamp of approval isn't for ability in a craft, because I'd be ok with that. Like you said, it's a stamp, but I think said stamp is for your willingness to be a worker without qualms to abuse, in far too many cases. 'A's mean more that you're willing to jump through hoops than it does that you have any skill in your craft or that you can intellectually apply what you know.

      This is exactly why I'm a freelancer, though: I can let my work speak for me, so I don't need any paper.

      • Val

        what is your work?

        • Aita

          I do all kind of things. I'm a 3D animator (Blender/Maya), a sushi chef (for about three weeks after training… loved the work, hated the customers), programmer (C++ and Java, mainly), a bug tester for various games I've gotten into, for a short list of things I enjoyed the most.

  • Ren

    Wait! The *thunk* just hit me! (no pun intended, honestly).

    This one is a little more tragic than usual. Poor Student-In-Back-Row. Very sad. Dec. 13 shall thenceforward be known as IB-SIBR memorial day. A moment of silence, followed by a 13 ejector-seat salute.

    • Hahahaha, "13 ejector-seat salute" got me pretty good =)

  • Ren

    so make sure you're paying attention.


  • Excellent comic!

  • James

    Teaching in college I was okay with the students who didn't want to sit through a class or whatever. They are paying customers so they can choose if they want to receive the instruction they purchased; we focused on students who wanted our help. I was disappointed many times with teachers who really didn't add any value over just sitting and reading the textbook, which I could do for a lot less money.

    I was one of those people who only went along with college because I knew that piece of paper opens doors and I didn't want my life to be framed around constantly fighting against that system. I never had any problems earning scholarships and getting A's, but I felt like the degree just confirmed what I already knew before I enrolled. Just like our many technical and professional certifications, the degree only indicates you met a certain minimum standard. It is a convenient way to pre-judge people when you are looking to fill a position. With the modern web there is very little you can't learn outside of school.

  • Cobalt Blue

    Back in college, it was the other way around for me: "Press here to eject teacher" was a popular etching on all the wooden desks.

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