The Co-Worker
  • Emma

    This might sound crazy, but is there a comic on here that had cardigans mentioned in it? I've been looking for it but I can't find it anywhere. I drunkenly promised my boyfriend I would buy him a cardigan, totally forgot and was reminded by a comic about a week later. I'm hoping I didn't dream up the comic, but I swear it was on this site. I just wanted to show him it 🙂 If anyone knows then thanks 😀

    • Metal

      I checked literally every single comic and did not see one about cardigans. Maybe it's LHT, the drawing style (when Justin draws) is identical to this.

    • Hmmm, I don't remember doing a comic about cardigans. It could be a DUIF, but I don't think I've ever even written out the word "cardigan".


      • Emma

        Wow, this is a mystery. Thanks anyway to you both 🙂

    • VolNer

      If you read Octopuns, I think there was one that involved cardigans a while back…

      • VolNer

        THIS ONE:….
        It might not be what you were looking for, but it is a cardigan.

        • Emma

          I do read Octopuns and though I don't remember, it must have been this one. Thank you so much! :D:D

          • Emma

            Actually it was definately this one, because I remember something about someone's brother liking cardigans, and reading the info at the bottom it was in this one

          • Mystery solved! Nicely done!

            The internet really is a great place to find people who know things about things.

          • Yay! Views!

            I am stealing some of your views!

  • ActualHuman

    Now i have an excuse to be even more creepily friendly! Muha ha ha!

    • ActualHuman

      I am orange shirt Rob.

  • Chris Kopcow

    The orange-shirted man's face in the last panel is so….satisfied. Like the kind of satisfaction that comes after a long time of struggle

    • Ren

      "I knew you'd learn to love the love, Bill…"

      I love Rob, btw.

    • Oraticus

      You're right, Chris… Rob is totally in his happy place.

    • Amaster

      Or he was seeing his girlfriend after a long absence.

  • Ren

    Also, I am really regretting not ordering a nasa shirt. Justin, pleeeease keep us posted on when those will be available again. I feel so…so unimportant. And non-lunar.

  • Dan

    Panels 3 and 4 cause me to hear the song "Chariots of Fire".

  • Oraticus

    I’m sorry Bill, you played awkward office romance chicken, and you lost. So you must ask yourself now… was it really worth that shot? Was it, Bill?

  • Aita

    Nothing a couple crossed wires in one of his top desk drawer handles can't fix… or, ya know, a couple busted floor tiles near his chair and a convenient stack of books to fall into… hardback, of course~

    BOFH would have this fucker sorted in a heartbeat~

    • ActualHuman

      I am be trixy-er than that you silly rabbit.

    • ActualHuman

      You'll never get me!

    • Watch your language, please! This is a webcomic, and who knows who might be reading it. Seriously, be careful. Kids who are younger than I am may be reading this.

      • Dylan

        i'm 11 years old!

  • moohy

    This is hilarious XD

  • JLarrian

    I think I'm gonna throw up…

  • PersonMan

    I seriously cannot be the only one who wouldn't mind meeting Rob, in this manner even 😛

  • It's impossible to 1-up rob's friendship.

  • Meow.

    Kinda like Zim and Keef.

  • Madame Kagamine

    I wish my friend would hug me.