• i feel like the coaches get all the credit

  • Giraffe Fan

    Must .. be … faster … than .. giraffe…


  • ActualHuman

    He succeded! I think his mustache did increase in size by the end!

    • Giraffe Fan

      It's so close… we need a video review on this one.

  • Someone needs to make a movie about this guy. "Kyle was pretty good at running, but I knew he could run…" FASTER – The Coach Bertz Story.

  • Amaster

    The 'stache is a must for a good coach.

    • guest

      That's kind of punny. Here, I'll give you an up vote.

  • kyle not kyle

    whoa that my fake name!! Kyle!! ps im not kyle

  • Katie

    I wish I was in a comic sometimes :3

  • His notes should say "mustache should grow" with arrows pointing to the word in the center

  • Kay_Demonia

    Looking at it back now I always thought it said "Fattest Guy" instead… that would have been better doe!!!!

  • The words "better" and "faster" are the keys to being a good coach! 😉

  • Madame Kagamine

    I’m not sure whether the runner or the coach should get more credit…

  • Didn’t quite get the joke on this one. Love the comics over all. Keep at it. I read them every day