My New Phone
  • Guus

    Oh no, smarphones!

  • MMM

    Hey, the pie is now bread!

  • Giraffe Fan

    Sad to admit, I'm one of those people that can't use my smartphone fully. I'll fix that soon.

    When I was at the beach where it would go in and out of service it would randomly call people when I put it in my pocket. And I've yet to take a picture of a giraffe with it! Two horrible things already!

  • Hollywood Fluff

    Only on your smartphone.

  • Amaster

    I've never had the opportunity to get a smartphone. I've only had regular cell phones. Still, those are pretty advanced with internet and games. But me being poor leaves most those locked up.

  • ActualHuman

    Me want ta interwebs on ma phone-ular device.

  • Ren

    @aujustin twitter elaboration: This is a comic about a man and his new smartphone. Not about a smart man and his new phone.

  • Aita

    I bought a smartphone (hate that word… can't wait until they're just "phones" and non-internet-enabled phones become "dumb" phones, heh) because I wanted to integrate it into a wearcomp…worked out pretty well.

    Also, the touchscreen thing in the comic is weird to me… but I guess I've used them forever so they aren't new either… I wonder if I accidentally triggered them when I didn't mean to when I first started with them…

  • Lol I love my Android.
    and personally, I don't think iPhones are all that great. For one thing, they're not that reliable. My dad says he has a friend who has a Droid AND an iphone, and he's had to replace his iPhone like 5 times but his Droid still works fine. Plus, they drop calls, the apps are more expensive, they can't hold a battery charge, etc. etc. The point is, I like Droid phones better. plus they have multiple buttons on the front. iPhones only have one. I mean seriously how do u work it with only one button. I mean all it does is close apps and if u wanna have multiple apps open at once u gotta like find some secret button hidden inside the app or whatever, while droids just have a button that instantly leaves the app without closing it and- OKAY DROIDS ARE BETTER THANK YOU GOODBYE I'MA SHUT UP NOW.

  • Katie

    I have never had a smart phone…me and my lil bro gotta share a home phone wich double sucks!D:

  • Love the quote " Knowing when you are not ready the first step to become a master"

  • I love sim free phones LoL

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  • Interesting conversation 😛

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  • Madame Kagamine

    This is my mom every freaking time she needs to take a picture, view a picture from her gallery, etc.