Kids These Days
  • Cpt.Obvious

    I know i'm stating the obvious but, the face in the last panel makes the comic.

    • French Fry

      Before the invisible bread or after? Capitan Obvious.

  • jackdawson1010

    This probably one of Invisible Bread comics in a while. Keep up whatever formula makes these epic comics 🙂

    • GUEST

      One of… the best? The worst? Many? My favorites? Your favorites? DON'T LEAVE ME IN THE DARK!!

      • Mike C.

        F) all of the above

    • you are correct. it IS one of the Invisible Bread comics. good job!

  • Chris Kopcow

    Why would he kill a talking pig? That thing's a goldmine!

  • @yomansam

    Is that his son, pet, adopted child or what?

  • The hidden panel is fantastic.

  • Giraffe Fan

    I was so scared it was going to be the giraffe that gets made into bacon! Of course they don't have very messy rooms, it's just a matter of the sky light.

  • Billo

    I aM Convinced you had inspiration for this pig. That's a nice snout there. It'd be a shame if ssomething happened to it.

  • jasonpoland

    I really like his super angry face.

  • Kal

    his super angry face makes me not like him. he should be kind to the pig, for the pig gives us, bacon and sausages.
    and lets not forget on rare occassions, pigs in blankets. or if you're veggie, wolf in sheep's clothing

  • In case you were wondering.

    <img src="; />

    • Hebs

      Where's the hidden comic?

    • Kal

      i'm glad he stopped being a jerk

  • The Loner

    The face! The face! It's baaaaack!

  • sugarsugargirl

    Piggies should only mouth off in Jewish homes.

  • Flumo

    Jeez, you'd think the pig had just eaten his liver or something.

  • Ralph
  • Mari

    wow!! lmao that was funny i loved it haha

  • Katie

    My favorite pig by-product is Canadian bacon. MMM Canadian pigs!

  • BreadCrumbs


  • gill 350

    That was something they should kiss on