I’m Hank
  • D Chas

    Ha…that is if he CAN see by the weekend.

  • Giraffe Fan

    Isn't there an adage about not asking a girl out when your eyes are suffering from pepper spray? Something about seeing what you're getting into.

    Err… maybe I shouldn't comment, but her arms in the last panel look something like a big collar on her shirt. ^_^

    • asdasdasd

      She's just got detached from her dude of brosephines is all.

      • asdasdasd

        dammit, I mean her bro of dudettes

        • GUEST

          Isn't that a bra? Or a giggle/gaggle/gal?

  • Aita

    … Never Surrender!

    • Thumbs up for the reference I was waiting for =)

      • Aita

        Fun, geeky pseudo-parody movie. Happy I could be the one to say it~

  • Chris Kopcow

    That weekend they see the most startling movie ever. Hank was never heard from again, but some say if you visit that theater, you can still smell the pepper spray.

  • HAHA, I have a think for girls who say no. : O

  • AureateScribe

    I would heavily recommend you reconsider that date with crazy pepper-spray girl. If this is what happens when you simply ask her out on a date, what risks are you taking when you pull the ole’ stretch-while-yawning followed immediately by the innocent-arm-descent-onto-her-shoulders? Hell, I don’t think you even want to get caught in that moment when you both reach into the bucket of popcorn and your hands meet; then you suddenly look into one another’s eyes, startled. I bet even her eyes eject pepper spray…

    • AureateScribe

      On the upside, you might score points with every other girl in the theater due to uncontrollable pepper-sobbing during that romantic comedy you went to see.

      • Many valid points here.

      • Dave_Harmon

        And the pepper spray will add spice to the popcorn! 😉

  • You have never been peppersprayed, have you, Justin? Believe me, it's quite impossible to talk in such a smooth manner for at least fifteen minutes. Either this guy's Superman, or that's just deodorant, or something.

    • GUEST

      He's REALLY persistent.

    • Kal

      depsite being vulnerable, i reckon superman would be weak against pepper stray

      • Kal


  • Kintrex

    Well I guess she's found a good process by which to filter out the pretenders.

  • Hmm, what should I type here… Oh wait, I think i'm getting an idea! yes, wait, no, no, yes, wait, yes, YES, YES!!! wait, no, nope, nah. wait, yeah. Ok, i thought of one.

  • cabose

    In a perfect world, maybe…

  • Lima

    She'll get Taser-y at the movies.

  • Kiss kiss kiss marry her and kiss her hank

  • I kissed him in another comic

  • Lauren Brown

    Why are there some comics, like this one, where the last part with the punchline is cut off? Is that just the site not loading for me or my phone?

    • Justin Boyd

      Oooo shoot, that’s a bug in my vertical panels code! AH!

      Thank you for letting me know! I don’t know if I ever would have caught this otherwise!

      • Lauren Brown

        You’re welcome! I noticed the one about the guys having a wing eating competition has the same bug.

  • I wanna know if the movie was startling and made her pepperspray him in the theatre.