Collective Nouns
  • Bet

    Niceee 😀

    • hastur

      NOW whos second>

  • jackdawson1010

    Can't believe I got up early enough to say this:

    "Second" :3

    Anyway, great comic. Very funny, I enjoyed it quite a lot

  • Girlie Fluff

    Was it a gaggle of girls?

    • Sean+

      I think it is a "giggle of girls."

    • GUEST

      I think you mean a "gal" of girls.

    • Meh

      Sorry, "gaggle" has already been used for goths.

      • Guest

        Or it's actually a gaggle of geese, but thanks for playin.

  • haha… I love the cheesy half smiles on the bros.

  • Haha man! This is one of the funniest ones yet, thanks Justin.

  • Karl

    Now I want to see a documentary about bros by David Attenborough.

  • Kal

    surely a toilet of girls, since they always go in groups

  • KaTy

    it's balding (thats the way i read it but not the way it's spelled)

  • asdasdasd

    Not to be confused with a dude of bros.

    • pootyparper

      Definitely, I was just about to say dude of Bros makes more sense to me.

  • Kay

    They don't have necks, so they resort to pulling their shirts up over their chins.

  • AureateScribe

    In nature, it’s been discovered that the migratory paths of a guild of geeks is heavily influenced through avoidance of the migratory paths of bros of dudes. Thank you, National Geographic.

  • Merkanzee

    Those ducks look pretty fierce.

  • aAbBcC

    shouldn't it be "a bag of douches"?

    • Mike C.


  • Jill

    I think it should be the other way around; a dude of bros. I'm not sure why.

  • ayers

    Now I understand why it's called a "brothel of chicks". Thanks!

    • Kal

      a brothel of chicks
      a broful of chicks
      a bro-ful of chicks
      a bro full of chicks

      • Vyco

        Now all I can think of is "a chick full of bros" and that's just… that's just awful.

  • Ralf

    I would have figured it was a frat of douches..

  • scott

    Not even close

  • Scott

    A Douchewave of Dudes

  • r0achi3

    a mood of goths

  • Anh
  • MinuteWalt

    It's a dude of bros, a bag of douches, a mood of emos, a depression of goths, a posse of juggalos, an awkwardness of nerds, a con of webcartoonists, and a fail of dorks.

    • MinuteWalt

      A "convention" of webcartoonists is also acceptable.

  • Sobek

    a group of sharks is called a shiver that woulda been fun to include or a group of kangaroos is a mob

  • what do u call a group of octopi?

    srsly tho, y do all those dudes look nervous?

  • Vanessa

    Looks like the "Bros Bros Bros" from Questionable Content! or do they look like yours…?

  • Katie

    L0L what is a bro anyways?0-0
    I don't have a giggle of girls 🙁

  • Utuy

    I once heard from a wise man why a bunch of crows is called a murder. It goes like this. One day some guy walked past a bunch of crows, and so he freaked out and started to run around and yell, "There's been a murder here!" And he would do that every time a bunch of crows where there, so the towns people thought that calling a flock of crows a murder was just a new and hip way of saying a flock of crows.