Need Coffee
  • Brilliant. I love your comics.

    Though I do find it incredibly suspicious that I just paused "Role Models" to check twitter and ended up here. Coincidence?

    • It's definitely a reference to Role Models. Great timing on that one =)

    • fdsffff

      Coincidences are just a myth.

  • Aaron

    Justin. Have you tried the Monster Recovery? It's like, an arnold palmer (1/2 tea, 1/2 lemonade), and energy drink.


    • I haven't yet, but now I have to!

      • I may give it a try also.

  • Aita

    I hate Monster's aftertaste, but it beats being uncaffeinated… I'm an AMP/Mountain Dew guy, m'self.

    • The after taste of Monster and Red Bull repels me, but I will take it over having nothing at all.

  • yup, thats about the feeling all right. i dont always drink energy drinks, but when i do, i drink an amp.

  • Blarghy

    If you have a "Dollar Tree" in your area you should check out the energy drink they sell called "Rip-Its", used to be a Monster guy to till I found those.

    • CagedRatUSMC

      Rip-Its are cheap but really dont have enough "energy" to make someone more alert

    • Rip-Its are good for their price. I stock up on those when I'm near a DT.

  • CagedRatUSMC

    Well I do have to say that its monster all the way when i need one. Used to drink Rip-its like water in Iraq when i went. They were free and readily available almost all the time

  • quietmule

    she's turned into slimer!

  • I rely on RockStar energy drinks. They don't pack the punch that they originally delivered, but I can't afford the nagging headaches I get when I miss "a fix". I'm glad the price has come down recently. Great comics, by the way! 😀

    • For a month, I was drinking RockStar just to switch it up, but ended up going right back to Monster. RockStar is pretty good, but I don't think it's the kind of taste I really like. I definitely go for the sweeter-tasting stuff.

  • Anh

    Have you tried Starbucks' new Trenta? It means 30 in Italian, and the iced Trenta is 31 ounces. That's slightly more than the average stomach capacity!

    Also, I only drink energy drinks with vodka. And lime.

    • Randomdude

      Actually, I work for Starbucks. There isn't a hot Trenta, only an iced. It's 30 ounces and only works for iced coffees and iced teas.

  • My friend is addicted to Monster! and Soda… She's gone 2 months without a monster and about 30 days without a soda! (the last time I saw her… half a week ago…)

  • Rubia

    I love you, Justin, you're the best. I apologize for sounding like a stalker. No, that wasn't me at your door…I live in Brazil, that was probably another stalker of yours.

  • So she's probably supposed to be a puddle on the floor, but I like to imagine it more as her evaporating into thin air, and thus is some sort of floaty spirit.

    Anyway, I love your comics 😀

  • Paul

    I love the blue Monster but since I've moved to Scotland they're only available as a temporary promotional drink or sometimes at a shady corner store.

  • If monsters are reserved for comic writing, then you should drink them every day! Please? :O

  • I like to pour a 5-hour energy into a mountain dew to break the monotony of my preferred drink (Rockstar). Yes, an orange 5-hour in a mt dew is delicious.

  • Mari

    Yup, sounds like the girl from my work XD

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  • loopadoop

    Do you really wear blue striped shirts that often?

    • Not really, but I gotta have some kind of easily identifiable trait for comic me!

      I do wear that striped shirt when I have a table at conventions though =)

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