Gift Certificate
  • The last time I mentioned a product on my comic I awoke to find every trace of it had disappeared from my house and I was banned from purchasing it in any major supermarket.

    • ActualHuman

      If i had a comic that's happened to me 7 times.

  • Chris Kopcow

    What can he expect with a gift certificate to Paper Towels N Things?

    • Worst birthday present ever.

      • Kal

        or best, he will be prepared for halloween. or when egyptian mummies rise up and try to take over

  • AureateScribe

    Hey, don’t worry bud… your BMs and your clumsy spaghetti-upside-down-on-the-floor moments will thank you.

  • Jared

    When the apocalypse comes you can trade high demand toilet paper for impractical energy drinks at a very favorable exchange rate.

    • Hmmm. I may need to rethink my apocalypse strategy. My previous one was "play video games and drink monster energy drinks". I guess I should include some eating and general hygiene things… Hmmmmm.

  • Defamation! I will be reporting your comic to Charmin and Bounty headquarters immediately. So you better make a cartoon about a bear very clearly wiping the poop from its ass, quick! (Those commercials are gross.)

  • katrinaevening

    total fail

  • BRMBug

    On the plus side, you've got the makings of a great TP roll fort.

  • juiceboxhero

    for some peculiar reason, this reminds me of a kangaroo from outside space. D:

  • Oh god this is easily my favorite one 😀

  • MimiXAngelic

    Monster energy drinks. FTW. c:

  • Cows

    You should make a deal with them — ask them to print your cartoon onto the paper towels/toilet paper. That'd be amazing.

  • Katie

    Charmin(R) is way better than The "get the job done" brand…

  • this reminds me of a kangaroo from outside space..!!!