Dance Moves
  • Minkis

    I used to be able to do Max 300 on hard. Now, I probably can barely do Boom Boom Dollar!

  • I learned all I know about guitar from a game, and not Guitar Hero.

    • Whoa! This is some craziness that I've never seen before!

    • LizzyRose

      The guy in that video is super serious about his guitaring!

  • LOL. So many awesome references here. The bar is a MUST for Max 300 on hard. LOL what game is she playing? THE GAME OF LIFE (unrelated to the board game).

    • I have a feeling Green isn't good enough to dance Max 300 on hard. But then again, I don't think many people are, so Green shouldn't feel that bad about it.

  • katrinaevening

    It looks kinda like she's doing the Bernie.. .

    • That is a fantastic dance and a fantastic movie.

    • Meeeee

      But she's dancing the Allen Wrench (see bonus panel)

  • Kal

    lucky mayor john wasn't there to ruin it with his awful dancing

  • Ohhhh! I thought the bar in the second panel was his arms.

    Why am I so obsessed with arms?

  • Oraticus

    Green should know better… you do NOT DDR in a non-sanctioned area. I got my DDR on near a railing at a mall, and someone passed by at the wrong time. They got caught in the cascade of arrows. It took them weeks to recover, but even though the superficial injuries healed over time, I don’t think their psychological wounds will ever fully heal.

    • BreadCrumbs

      Is it considered a cascade when its going up?

  • Daft

    I do not now nor have I ever had the attention span and coordination needed for dance dance revolutioning. I choose to support the cause through grass roots petitioning and civil disobedience, though I have much respect for those on the front lines of this conflict.

  • LizzyRose

    2 things I love about this one….1.that these two guys just randomly decide to bust into and compare dance moves and 2. That they get so excited in the last panel that they hug!

  • I call this move the "Allen Wrench!"
    rofl hiddin panel

  • _______

    Is she tring to do the Egyptian!?!