Invisible Bread is starting to spread a little bit and that is super awesome!  Just the other day, this comic made it on to the reddit frontpage!  Super sweets!  So if you are a new reader of Invisible Bread, hey there!  Welcome to the site!

Also, just to get this out of the way super quick, I am in no way trying to copy or imitate any other webcomic =)  I’ve been writing jokes like this for a long while and the art looks this way because it’s how I’ve always drawn stuff (see Left-Handed Toons).  It just has some color to it now.  And this actually brings us right into what I wanted to talk about!

When I began thinking about starting Invisible Bread, the part that took the longest was figuring out what the art would look like.  The art is how people can quickly distinguish one webcomic from another and is very important in establishing the identity of the site.  I spent a lot of time on what the art would look like and drew up many test comics to see how it felt.  If you were wondering after reading that sentence if I was going to share these test comics with you, no need to wonder, because I am gonna do that thing right now!

The comic I chose to draw up a bunch of times was A Doctor.

Here’s the very first art style I tested out.

I thought it would be fun to kinda scribble outside the lines with the fills for the characters.  The end result was something that kinda looked … ehh, drab and a little sloppy.  And the last thing I wanted was sloppy after 4+ years of LHT!


Then I moved on to this kind of style.

This… urg, I didn’t like this at all =P  I tried drawing arms, which is what people have in real life, but it didn’t work out well.  I tried word bubbles too and i didn’t like those either.  I did add colors for their shirts and also a floor color, so this was kind of a step in the right direction.


And onto #3.

This one is pretty simple with it’s colors, but the biggest thing i was testing was the text.  At this point, I thought I was going to have a grey background for all my comics and I wanted a way to have the text be easy to read without word bubbles.  The result was white text with a little drop shadow.  I ended up really liking this one, but something about the text irked me.  It felt a little too dark and I didn’t think it would work well for the majority of the more light-hearted jokes I have.


I’ll only show you these three for now so that I don’t force a bunch of words and images into your eyeballs and brain all at once =)

Commence chat-talks!