Fancy TV
  • Patrick Earley

    Now I actually have to come to the site! I can't sit comfortably in Google Reader 😛

    • I think the site is the cooler place to be anyway =)

  • Anh

    He must have a pretty good arm span.

    • Justin Barnes

      Then he should've been one of the TV winners.

      • Justin Barnes

        Ohhhhhh wait a minute just realized you were already making a reference to the comic I just made a reference to. D'oh.

        • Justin Barnes

          You need a delete comment button.

          • Justin Barnes

            But I guess I should be telling intensedebate.

          • Justin Barnes

            I should probably stop now.

          • Justin Barnes

            Someone throw rocks at me.

          • PersonPerson


          • Brynn

            *throws rocks*
            + XP
            +one angry InvisbleBread member

          • O.k.

            Come where I can see you.

  • That's what you get for getting a TV last week. This week's TV's are WAAAAAAY better.

  • Olav Torkson

    Who would want a tv that can't handle a couple of bullets anyway?

  • Repressed Adult

    But how can I stop when the tee vee keeps shooting bullets at me?

    *dodges three dees bullets*

  • NameGoesHere

    Hah! My T.V. works just the same after i shoot it lots of times! Please don't ask if it works now.

  • NameGoesHere

    P.S. Is there a difference between a microwave and a T.V.?

  • NameGoesHere

    Apparently yes.

  • NameGoesHere

    So i think i have a broken microwave, not a broken T.V.

  • NameGoesHere

    That's why I only get infomercials.

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  • Justin Barnes

    Lol he's so funny in the second panel… Almost cute.

  • Eldon

    I lol'd at this one. Good job.

  • daft

    I love how excited he is to be shooting things. he is all wide eyed and bushy tailed, like a puppy with a pigs ear.

  • emotioncube

    You are psychic, I swear! cuz I saw the YouTube video of a guy taking a hammer to a Super AMOLED cellphone display (out of the case and flat on the table, PAPER THIN and SUPER BRIGHT with the three dees!) and the damn thing kept going unfazed as he kept hammering and hammering where the other ORDINARY LCD display from last week's cellphone disintegrated after one hammer blow, I thought to myself "yea but can it take a bullet?" and here we have this comic and I'm laughing hysterically but paranoid that maybe you can read my mind and yea I'm bipolar too. Is that what I look like in a cartoon?

  • Matt

    I need a new TV atleast twice a week cuz I go all AK47 on it when I see a bad infomercial, like NO!NO! I mean they say its not a razor or a laser, but you see both when it shows someone using it